soci 9

please see attachment for syllabus and  rubric.

When Essay Questions contain multiple parts (Ex: Part a, Part b, etc.) – the length in still 400 words for the entire essay answers (400 words for a + b together). Some questions have short replies, some have longer. Be sure to have an Introduction in the paper that introduces each question/topic in the essay you will be discussing. Remember the guidelines in the Syllabus: No numbering, bulleting or outlining. So do not write Essay question 9a and then discuss it, and then write Essay question 9b and then discuss it as if they are two short answer questions.
Students can choose to either: write 400 word count essay for each Part (400 words for Part a and 400 words for Part b), which means 2 separate essays (saved in 1 Word document for uploading to Discussion) or combine the question parts into one 400 word essay as discussed above. This is a choice each student will have to make when the questions have multiple parts. Some students may want to present the topics in separate essays when they do not cover similar concepts from the text and the questions are vastly different.

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soci 9
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Chapter 9 Essay Questions:

9a. Do you think immigration will continue to grow in coming decades in the United States? What kinds of factors might influence immigration trends?

9b. What factors make communities vulnerable to genocide? How should other countries respond when genocide seems imminent or is already under way?

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