Six sigma

The major changes in the new standards are the increased focus on commitment from top management, customer satisfaction, emphasis on processes, and continual improvement. 2. ISO sass’s evolution has steered it away from the Total Quality Management philosophy. 3. Organizations should be Just as concerned about the quality of their services s they are about the quality of their product. . ISO introduced organizations to the concept of the internal customer. 5. Service and service delivery characteristics are not measurable. 6. An internal audit is performed by an entity other than the organization. 7. For registered organizations three levels of audits are used to verify the integrity of the quality management system. 8. Assignable causes are always bad causes which will result in special variations. 9. Because of the central limit theorem, the standard deviation of the sampling striation is equal to the population standard deviation. 0. When DAMP = 21, the process sigma level is about 5. 6 sigma. II. Multiple Choice: Circle the letter before the correct answer in each of the following questions. (5 questions, 2 points each, total 10 points) 1 . Which of the following statements is true concerning the U. S. Representative to ‘SO, ANSI? A. The American National Standards Institute was founded in 1985 B. Ann.’s members include less than 500 US businesses C. ANSI is the administrator and coordinator of the US voluntary standardization system D. All of the above statements are true 2.
Throughout the text of this international standard, wherever the term “product” occurs, it can also mean A. Process B. Repair C. Service D. None of above 3. When reading an ISO 9001 standard, it is a good idea to apply which of the following approaches? A. Read the clause verbatim B. Formulate an explanation of the requirement and write them down C. Ask yourself how this requirement actually applies to your organization D. Apply all of the above approaches 4. Top management should establish a customer-oriented organization by A.
Defining systems and processes that can be clearly understood, managed, and improved in effectiveness as well as efficiency B. Insuring effective and efficient operation and control of processes and the measures and data used to determine satisfactory performance of the organization C. Both a and b D. None of the above 5. ISO 9000 documentation is typically comprised of which four levels? A. Policy, procedure, practice, proof B. Records, quality manual, practice, proof C. Manual, clause procedures, documentation, proof D. None of the above are the four levels of documentation

Ill. Based on what you learned from the classes and your understanding, summarize how to start a six sigma, and the major steps of a six sigma projects. Briefly discuss the useful tools in the first two phases (D, M). Organize your answer properly and use less than 300 words.

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Six sigma
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