Simulation Task #1

Submit simulation task #1 here as a word or PDF file Task #1 Includes two elements.
Task #1: Completed Day 1 (Individual): Initial Assessment and Role Definition (4.5 points) (Submitted Week #7)

Make list of at least four SMART incident objectives for your assigned response discipline.  These should represent the significant actions that need to be taken by your response discipline to deal with the first six-hours of the incident. 

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Simulation Task #1
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              Remember – Objectives should SMART –
Example Objective: Evacuate all residents in the area of North of 2nd street between First and Second Avenue by 1400 hours.
**Your individual objectives should be posted to your group discussion area**

Based on the scenario, describe the role of your assigned department and overall discipline (law enforcement, fire, EMS, Public Works) in the response.  Based on the description of resources in the Central City materials, is this something your Department has the resources to handle on its own?

Consult the National Response Framework – Terrorism Incident Annex…what agencies will you and your Department need to work with directly and indirectly at the local, State, federal levels?  Cite specific details from the appropriate documents.

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