Seneca argues

What is fine and honorable is to go forth in defense of parents, children, friends and fellow-citizens, under the guidance of duty itself, in the exercise of will, Judgment and foresight – and not through some raving impulse (102)”. A good metaphor herein lies with comparing anger with drunkenness. Some may claim anger as useful “because it makes men keener to fght (103)”. Seneca very well points out that also drunk men are reckless, careless and keen to fight. In this way, nger can easily be seen as a thoughtless emotion which should be avoided at all cost.

By being reasonable, , you give yourself time to reflect. To be able to pass a fair Judgment (104), you must take your time considering the facts surrounding a given matter. By Judging from a point of anger you are more likely to be unfair, because you will have overseen crucial facts in the heat of the moment. Anger will inevitably be based on stubbornness and refusal of being proved wrong, more than reason and a deliberate, well-thought-out argument.

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Seneca argues
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