Semiotic Analysis- Critical Thinking

Conduct a semiotic analysis of a television program. Your analysis must consider both the series as a whole and a particular episode, analyzing its plots and details. Your paper should contain a brief critical summary of the plot of the episode you choose, but should not substitute plot summary for semiotic analysis (1 page maximum for the critical summary). 

Here are some specific questions that you should consider:
· Analyze the significance of characterization and the situations of the episode. 
· Consider such details as the use of race and gender in the series, as well as social class. 
· Does the episode reflect, metaphorically or directly, any current social issues and/or controversies? 
· You must also consider the genre of the television system that the show you choose belongs to (i.e., sitcom, dramatic series, comedy, dramedy, action/adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, and so on), as well as some other programs with which it can be associated and differentiated in a semiotic system. How is it like such shows? How is it different? Are the differences significant? What does the series tell us about its audience?
Requirements: 3 pages minimum, double spaced, times new roman, 1 inch margins. 

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Semiotic Analysis- Critical Thinking
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· Your paper must cite at least 2 sources (Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source). 
· Use proper MLA or Chicago citations. Use online guides for assistance.
· Devise a title for your paper that alerts the reader to your topic.
· Do NOT include a title page!
· Please include a works cited page. This does NOT count toward the length of the paper.

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