select an article on a current event and use the book for reference

Assignment Instructions Current Event

Assignment 2 meets the following course objectives:

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select an article on a current event and use the book for reference
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Apply a sociological perspective to the social world.
Analyze contemporary social issues using the sociological imagination and use sociological theories and concepts to analyze everyday life.
Demonstrate the ability to identify, locate, and retrieve information related to the topics in the course.

The primary goal of this exercise is to apply your developing sociological knowledge and skills to the analysis of a current event.
Writing Expectations
This should be 4-6 pages long (the cover and reference page do not count), double-spaced, 12 pt font (arial or times new roman), with 1″ margins.
Choosing a Current Event. A current event refers to something that is happening in the world at present and they are usually described on the news and in mass media. You must choose a report (written, from the radio, or televised) of an event that has been reported on within 3 months of the assignment deadline. Remember, the event you choose must have some relevance to the study of society, and you must properly cite the source from which you got your report. Do not include more than 2 articles.
Describe the Current Event. Second, you will need to provide a brief summary of the current event. This should include details such as location, timing (i.e is this an ongoing event, does it appear to be a one time event, is this an example of an event that happens frequently), people involved, and any analysis offered by the report(er).
Analyzing the Current Event. The final step in the process is conducting an analysis of the current event using knowledge you have gained from the course to-date. The most important thing here is that the analysis should not just be your opinion about the current event, but grounded in sociological theory and prior research. You will need to use at least 4 sociological concepts covered in this course to analyze the current event (i.e. social construction, stratification, social control, crime, deviance). (hint: sociological concepts should be clearly identified, defined and then applied; any paraphrasing or direct quotes used from another source should include APA formatted in-text citations and a full citation at the end of the essay).  

instuctors comment:  while I appreciate the submission, it appears you did not follow the instructions. You were to select an article on a current event. It appears what you include here are journal articles.  You can obtain the article from a news paper, magazine, etc.  Current events include the fires in California, the church shooting, etc.  Please take another look at the instructions in addition to the tips I posted.  

Below are a few reminders about the essay based on questions received over the past two days:

Should be 4-6 pages long (this does not include the cover or reference page)
Please do not submit an essay more than 6 pages; I do not read beyond the requirements.
Do not include more than 2 articles on the subject/current event
It should be in APA format; double-spaced, 12 pt font (arial or times new roman), with 1″ margins, cover page, running header, subheadings to identify each section and a reference list. 
Subheadings should be something like this: Description of Current Event and Analysis of the Current Event
You want to start with a brief introduction and end with a brief summary or closing. 
You want to be sure to include and cite what you learned from the textbook. In terms of other sources, they should be academic sources no more than five years old.
If you have questions about APA, please be sure and the December 14th post “All written assignments must be in APA format – APA Assistance – APUS ePress Link and the Purdue Owl Writing Lab”  

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