part 1
Scripting languages, also known as interpreted languages, are used for many purposes, and there are many languages to choose from. These programming languages also offer a wide variety of functionality, so selection of an appropriate language is important when considering the use of a scripting language.

Use the Library and Internet to find information about scripting/interpreted languages.
Select 2 languages:

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Describe the primary features, strengths, and weaknesses of each language.
Identify a task that would be an appropriate use of each language.
Provide a small sample of code from each language, and discuss the functionality of the sample code.

Include at least 1 reference to research sources.
Cite all references using APA format.

part 2
There are a large number of tasks involved in information technology and programming, and many of these tasks can be automated using scripting technology. The ability to use scripting correctly will save significant time and leverage available resources in many ways. The first step toward better productivity is to understand how scripting languages work and how they can be used. For this assignment, you will begin to learn the characteristics of scripting languages and gain an understanding of how to select the right scripting tool for a specific task.

Prepare a document to submit your results:

Use Word
Title Page

Course number and name
Project name
Your name

Identify a scenario where scripting would be useful to automate a task.
Define at least 5 requirements of a scripting language that would be necessary for the task.
Identify 2 scripting language candidates that meet the requirements.
Select 1 of the scripting languages, and justify the selection based on how well it meets the stated requirements.

Name the document yourname_ITSD327_IP1.doc.
Submit the document for grading.

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