School Administrator/Self Evaluation

Opening up possibilities for betterment revolves around an individual’s capacity to explore options available for education and learning. Here, it tries to foster better means to consolidate effective acquisition of information alongside the application of skill sets in specific scenarios. With the ability to bridge connections between theory and practice, I have learned to actively consolidate effective means to address changing trends within the educational sector and infuse responsible and accountable means of engagement and practice.
Reflecting on my participation within the program, numerous ideas have been introduced and consolidated to supplement my role as a school administrator. Realizing the increasing needs of today’s schools with regards to planning, budget implementation, adherence to educational standards and so much more, immersing myself in this course instilled better means of handling these issues altogether and fully function as a competent leader.
One that is ready to take part in the interplay of administrative and management dynamics related to my future endeavor as a school administrator. Similarly, it is also through this program that I had gained useful insights regarding my abilities both positive and negative. By looking into connections that have equally shaped my growth, I was able to imbibe specific principles related to administration and management. At the same time, I have also recognized my weaknesses as a professional.

Due to this, I was able to harness an effective direction towards synchronizing and establishing my role within the educational sector. Through such capacity, I gained inputs that with constantly seeking engagement and improving my capabilities through experience, I can handle different challenges shaping 21st century education. Indeed, I am proud to have been part of this initiative. Though at times there were instances of hurdles and challenges on my part, I was able to utilize these situations and use them as instruments towards my personal development.
All the activities and the principles taught throughout the course remain vital towards sustaining the capacity to become responsible educational leaders in the future. In essence, the capacity to acquire these management and administrative skills cultivates opportunities not only for my professional development or the needs of the educational community but also to maintain what the process of educational administration seeks to promote.

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School Administrator/Self Evaluation
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