****DUE IN 12-15 HOURS
Consider a scenario that your 11-year-old son has been suspended from school numerous times for fighting. He just can’t seem to get along with other children. Read the attached MY SCENARIO DETAILS.
Now, on that basis you need to write a complete 600-800 words research paper that addresses the following:

Identifies several key issues (minimum 6-8 issues) related to this scenario. 
Discuss each scenario in separate paragraph.
Provide the causes, impact and proper recommendations for effectively dealing with these issues. 

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Incorporate at least 8-10 scholarly, credible, and current references to support your ideas, drawing primarily from government and community agencies as well as scholarly journals and books. Include in-text citations and a reference list in APA format.
Your paper must include:

· 100% originality
· 600-800 words count excluding title and reference page
· Proper introduction and conclusion
· 8-10 scholarly, credible, and current references cited in APA

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