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Major Projects of Tiger IT Major Projects of Tiger IT DOC ID: TGIBD-PREXP-100911-RFTSQB Abstract: Tiger IT is a world leader in biometrics and identity management solutions. It has more than 10 years of experience in developing turn-key solutions for different governments and industries. This document briefly outlines the different range of projects that Tiger IT has worked on. Keywords: About, Tiger, IT, TigerIT, Enrollment, Registration, AFIS, ID, Biometrics, Automated, Fingerprint, Matching, Identification, History, Background, Projects, Profile, Clients
TigerIT Bangladesh Limited House # 134, Road # 12, Block E, Banani, Dhaka-1213 Copyright © 2011 This document contains information which is proprietary to Tiger IT Bangladesh Ltd. Use or disclosure of any material in this document without Tiger IT’s consent is prohibited. www. tigeritbd. com 1 Major Projects of Tiger IT Client: Bangladesh Road Transport Authority Project Name: Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of High Security Driving License Card, Enrolment System, Register System, Personalization System with Related Logistics, Services, and Training on Turn-­? Key Basis Country: Bangladesh Date:
April 2011 BRTA will use Tiger IT’s solution that records a driver’s photograph, fingerprints, signature, among other details and stores them in a highly secure and rugged smart card. The information will both be printed on the card and stored inside an encrypted chip that can be verified and updated by BRTA officials. The card itself will have multiple security printing techniques, some of which are visible to naked eye while others require specific instruments to check. BRTA estimates over 200,000 smart card based driving licenses will be issued using Tiger IT’s solution ever year. Tiger It is delivering he complete solution that includes biometric enrollment/registration, centralized database, application processing and issuance automation module, AFIS for de-­? duplication, card printing and inventory management, and driver verification service. The scope of work includes the following: • • • • • • • • Alpha-­? numeric and Biometrics Enrollment in 64 locations (up to 20,000 registrations per month) Application processing and workflow automation for card issuance Relational Database Management System AFIS for 5 million records (4 fingers each) Card Printing, QC, and Inventory Management (over 200,000 card ssuance per year) Driver Verification from Smart Card (on PC and handheld devices) Various Web Service interfaces, including online pre-­? enrollment in second phase Five years Maintenance with installation, operation and commissioning of the software www. tigeritbd. com 2 Major Projects of Tiger IT Client: Government of Cambodia Project Name: Cambodian National ID Project Country: Bangladesh Date: May 2011 Tiger IT is working in Cambodia for registration, database development, operation, and issuance of national ID cards for citizens of Cambodia. Tiger IT’s highly reputed biometrics capture and AFIS is in he heart of the project. The AFIS provided in the project is responsible for 2. 2 million records in first phase and additional 10 million records in second phase. The records will encompass 10 fingers each. • • • • Total support for 150 mobile stations and 70 fixed stations for complete biometrics enrollment from all provinces Central database with full-­? fledged reporting and administration support AFIS for 2. 2 million records for first phase and 10 million in next phase (10 fingers for each record) Smart Card Issuance (Personalization, Quality Control, and Inventory Management) Client: Bangladesh Rapid

Action Battalion (RAB) Project Name: Multimodal Biometric Project for Criminal Database Country: Bangladesh Date: June 2011 This solution uses both fingerprint and iris matching to perform de-­? duplication. Biometrics enrollment and fully functional Data Matching, Fingerprint Matching, and Iris Matching solution is major focus of the project. Apart from migration, Tiger IT is developing and incorporating multi-­? biometric module to integrate with the existing RAB Criminal Database developed from www. tigeritbd. com 3 Major Projects of Tiger IT IBM Lotus Note Domino Server to Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition.
Through this module new/old criminal information will be inserted, updated, deleted and identified along with the biometric features. Furthermore, the developed solution will also incorporated multi-­? biometric module to capture information into the RAB Criminal database. 20 remote locations will be used and support for 200,00 criminal records will be provided. • • • • • • • • Project has a high-­? end biometrics enrollment solution to be used in 20 different locations Secure online and offline data transfer from enrollment site to datacenter Development and Migration of Relational Database Management System
The AFIS system should support up to 200,000 citizen records for 1:N matching Customized Query, Work Flow Automation, Report Generation Training of RAB officials On-­? site support for 36 months First biometric identity management solution in the history of Bangladesh to integrate fingerprint and iris matching in one project. Client: Bangladesh Election Commission Project Name: Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Voters Registration System of Bangladesh Election Commission with Related Logistics, Services, Civil & Electrical Works and Training on Turnkey Basis Country: Bangladesh Date: October 2010
The Voters Register System consists of a Data Center, a Disaster Recovery System and over 600 remote locations throughout Bangladesh. It comprises all the hardware, middleware, application software, infrastructure, interfaces and services to provide a turnkey solution. The www. tigeritbd. com 4 Major Projects of Tiger IT Voters Register will store 100 million voters with their bio data, photo, 4 fingerprints and signature. BEC wanted an integrated online solution connecting all remote locations to the central system. The BEC wanted to acquire hardware and solution that is fully compliant with the principles f service oriented architecture. The scope of work includes the following: • • • • • • • • • • • • Central  Voters Register Software Relational Database Management System Disaster Recovery System Voter Register Client Software license Ident Station Software license Management Information Software Voters List Generator Software Database Servers for Data Center and Disaster Recovery System Data Storage for Data Center and Disaster Recovery System Printers to Print Voters Lists Management Information Stations Administration Stations • • • • Enroll Station Peripherals Identification Station peripherals
Training of all central staff Installation, commissioning and operation of the Voter Register System including all necessary works for infrastructural development/set up (electrical, civil etc works/services) Various Web Service interfaces Provide onsite maintenance for 1 year Five years Maintenance Installation, operation and commissioning of the software • • • • www. tigeritbd. com 5 Major Projects of Tiger IT Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Nepal Project Name: Security Printing, Supply and Delivery, Installation of Equipments and Preparation of Machine Readable Passports Country: Nepal
Date: 2010 Tiger IT is working in collaboration with Oberthur Technologies in the Machine Readable Passport (MRP) project for the Government of Nepal. Tiger IT is providing the software solution for capturing data into the system with ICR. Tiger IT provided a solution capable of printing issuing 4000 passports per day. The MRP personalization center has a number of transaction points. These are as follows: • ICR form receiving point • Data verification stations • ICR form scanning stations • Personalization stations • Dual data entry/edit stations • QA Stations • Foreign missions stations • MRP handover oint www. tigeritbd. com 6 Major Projects of Tiger IT The ICR forms are collected in a batch and scanned using the document scanners. During the scan the software will separate the text, signature and photo, maintaining good resolution of the photograph and the signature so that they can be used for personalization of the MRP. The form image will also be scanned for the data entry/edit station operators to use. Other features of the project are similar to the ones described previously. Client: Bangladesh Election Commission Project Name: Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Automated Fingerprint
Identification System (AFIS) with Datacenter Hardware and Related De-­? Duplication Service for the Current Database of Bangladesh Election Commission (BEC) with Training on Turn-­? Key Basis Country: Bangladesh Date: June 2010 A clean de-­? duplicated database that eliminates fake voter registrations was the main purpose of the project. This tender was issued by PERP (Preparation of Electoral Roll with Photographs) project under the Election Commission Secretariat. PERP had hired international biometric experts as consultants for the preparation of the tender specifications and evaluation of the proposals.
Stringent requirements were set to ensure that only the most qualified vendor wins the project. Prior to the award of the contract a validation test of the AFIS was also performed for the eligible vendors. After a competitive evaluation, Tiger IT Bangladesh Ltd. was awarded the contract on June 2010 as the most eligible vendor. Tiger IT has successfully delivered the AFIS capable of de-­? duplicating 100 million records with all necessary datacenter hardware. The de-­? duplication is now underway, working at present with 85 million records. (Each record in the project has 4 fingers. ) • • • • • • 50 AFIS
Matching Cluster Servers 2 x Quad-­? Core Intel Xeon Processor 24 GB DDR3, 1333MHz RAM 2 x 146 GB SAS, 15K hot-­? plug hard drives, Min upgrade to 8 HDD Linux 64 bit OS, Java runtime 64 bit, Oracle 11g Delivery timeframe: 32 weeks www. tigeritbd. com 7 Major Projects of Tiger IT Client: UNDP, Bangladesh Project: Cleansing and Migration of Electoral Database of Bangladesh Election Commission Country: Bangladesh Date: May 2010 The United Nations Development Programme (“UNDP”) in Bangladesh engaged Tiger IT in order to perform services in respect of “Cleansing and Migration of Electoral Database of Bangladesh
Election Commission. ” The scope of work included the following: Database migration to • Installation of hardware/software/storage required for migration Oracle • Back up of all migrated data on other backup devices • Provide quality validation of migrated data • Ensure data is not corrupted during migration • Transfer of knowledge to BEC personnel, in terms of training, documentation, and any other preferred method by BEC Data cleansing • Prepare a validated cleansing plan • Identify data to be cleaned • Transliterate Bengali data to English www. tigeritbd. com 8 Major Projects of Tiger IT • • • Application evamp • • • • • Extension of reporting features • Secure API • • Design validation scripts to validate the clean data 99% of identifiable unclean data should be cleaned Ensure appropriate infrastructure and resources are used for this operation Porting existing application to new platform Change the application platform from PHP to Java to support new features Addition and change in business logic as per requirements of BEC Addition of new features Implement a general purpose reporting tool that will help the EC generate their own reports on demand New reports with extended summary features Secure API

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