sales and marketing

Lesson 5
Activity 1:  Branding
Investigate the five key brand elements in depth. These elements will be used for the next activity in designing a brand for your chosen company. Use the Internet, books, library resources, and personal interviews for more information. Make a graphic that you can refer to as you later design your own brand.
Five Key Brand Elements:

Brand Position
Brand Promise
Brand Personality
Brand Story
Brand Associations

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sales and marketing
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Activity 2: Design Your Brand
Design a brand campaign for your company.  Use the key brand elements and all the information learned during the task and from the companies that have been successful in branding. 
You might also want to look at Brands Create Customers about how Apple brands to get ideas from one successful company.
And, Introduction to Brand Strategy: 7 Essentials for a Strong Company Brand
Decide what your brand is. Then design a brand strategy for your company. 
Activity 3: Boden Case Study
Read the Boden case study. Analyze the case looking specifically at the branding by Boden.
Think about:

What did they do?
How did this differ from previous efforts or from the competition?
How successful was the branding?
What does this example tell you about branding your company?

Write a minimum 2-page report on Boden’s branding for submission.
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