Run Lola Run Speach

Distinctively visual Images and the ideas conveyed through them can both enhance or challenge our understanding of the world and humanity. Ideas associated with images can be powerfull enough to provoke further thinking and understanding of certain matters. This is greatly evident in the 1998 German thriller film “Run Lola Run” directed and written by Tom Tykwer together with the poem “Summer Rain” by John Foulcher. Through the use of strong images these two texts manage to express their main ideas such as chaos and its relationship with time.
In “RLR” we witness the protagonists facing dilemma due to these two aspects of the world, seeking to overcome them with determination and love. Meanwhile “Summer Rain” shows the unpredictability of these ideas and their destructive power to harm or chip away. In “RLR” Tykwer made chaos and time two influences against which the protagonist “Lola” is working due to the conviction of her love for Manni. The composer combines the ideas of chaos and time through the fast paced, rapidly altered camera shots differentiating in angles and lengths.
This is prominent during all three of Lola’s twenty minute runs. The camera is set on Lola yet changes its angles and lengths to synchronize with Lola turning corners, avoiding obstacles and the change in location. The Fast paced camera action allows us the audience see Lola’s perception of her progress to save her lover Manni within twenty mins. This constant rapid camera work during the running scenes emphasizes the chaotic atmosphere a common reaction when working against time.

The chaotic atmosphere distorts the time and progress in the mind of the audience and Lola. The use of a split screen where Lola is on the left running towards the right, facing in the direction of Manni as well as well as an image of a clock ticking on the bottom avoids this distortion of time in the last crucial minutes. Showing her progress during the last minute enhances the intensity yet gives the audience a much more vivid understanding of the situation, much like when we check our watches when we arrive somewhere late or at the last minute of a given deadline.
These distinctive visual features allow the audience to understand Lola’s state of mind in this complication, to which we can partially relate in the modern era. “The Summer Rain” provides further evidence of the relationship of chaos and time. John Foulcher is explaining about the rush hour traffic which is present at a certain time which will create disorder in someone’s schedule if adaptations are not made. “At 4 o’clock” cars/” The use of high modality giving us the context of images. The composer introduces us to the setting with the use of time conveying utmost in importance.
The visual imagery creates a sense of a disordered environment, “clutter on the highway like abacus beads” the simile creating a perfect image of the disturbance to the responder. He then addresses the destructive nature of chaos “Somewhere ahead, there’s been an accident/One by one, the engines/stop, the cars slump into dusk. ” By using linear narrative, imagery of the turmoil along with rhythmic sentence and personification the poet allows the audience to synchronize with the series of events, which seem happen within seconds.
With constant use of visual Imagery the author conveys the idea of and unifies it with time via use of simple rhythmic sentence. Both Composers use distinctively visual techniques as to enhance, convey their ideas and allow the wider audience to connect with the circumstances imposed in on characters in the texts, ‘Run Lola Run’ and “summer rain” use combination of Visual Techniques together with language devices to subject the to send the idea through to the audience. It is through the use of imagery that we more effectively understand certain ideas that are in relevant to the world and humanity.

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