Room Study Research Paper

Part 1 is a written project to include a minimum of five photographs (5 points) to help with your final drawing and 3-5 resources (10 points). 
PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: For the written portion of the assignment. 1.) 

topic:  Interior: Villa Mariea, 1938-1941 Normarkka, Finland, Alvar Alto

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Room Study Research Paper
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1.)(5 points) Introduction: Identify completely the room you’ve chosen to work with from the interiors presented in the course. In other words, give the bibliographic citation or a description that is complete enough that another scholar could easily locate the interior. 2.)10 points Place the room in its historical and social context; describe the major design characteristics of the interior and materials. 3.) 45 points Analyze the interior per background, middle ground, and foreground. 4.) 10 points Why was this of interest to you or What would you like to know further if you could continue working with this historical interior and/or its contents? What questions do you still seek to answer?
FORMAT: (10 points). When you submit the written report or paper (approximately 750-1250 words)and t should look as professional as possible, and the final draft must be error-free.  It should be typewritten or laser—printed, double-spaced, with margins of 1″ (L) and 1 1/4″ (T, B, R). If possible, the font should be either Times or Helvetica and the pitch 10 or 12 point.
Suggested Paper Outline/Organization: (5 points) Title Page: Drawing Name, Date, Assignment, Class Information – Introduction: About the Style/Period Design Characteristics/Principles Architect/Designer/Room: Background Middleground Foreground/Why was it of interest to you?Conclusion. 

topic:  Interior: Villa Mariea, 1938-1941 Normarkka, Finland, Alvar Alto

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