Review of A Website About Sikhism

Travis Hunter RL 201 Professor Lauer 11 October 2013 Page 137 Response Sikhnet. com is a website that deals with Just about everything that a Sikh needs to know. In addition, it’s a good website for those who are not Sikh’s to gain more knowledge about this particular religion. The website contains a great amount of news, past and present about the Sikh religion. Furthermore, it includes blogs where people can talk to each other about the Sikh religion online as well as the Sikh calendar.
There are many audio clips as well as quite a few video clips for the visual learner. They thoroughly explain what meditation is and they explain how one would go about meditating. The website includes lectures in case one is looking to practice their religion or if one is Just curious to learn about this unique religion. In addition, the website includes a radio as well as a link to where you can purchase CD’s and DVD’s. The site even includes mobile apps so that you can have easy access on a martphone.
I was very surprised that the website even includes a link called “Sikh Matrimonials” where Sikh’s can enter their information and look for a significant other that is also a Sikh. An event calendar is also available so that they always know what is going on with the Sikh religion. They also make the site kid friendly by having a bunch of different mint-games. Overall, the site essentially has everything that one needs to know about the Sikh religion.

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Review of A Website About Sikhism
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