Restaurant Evaluation

How to Submit:
Submit your work to the restaurant service analysis form lab assignment submission link.  Please remember to submit this form in a format I can open such as doc,  docx, rtf or pdf. I cannot open documents saved as wps, dot, etc.
Design a  comprehensive restaurant service analysis form to use in evaluating the  service in a restaurant. For examples please refer to the example  restaurant service evaluation forms, located in the project module.
NOTE: You may not copy these forms, they are examples only. You are to design your own form for the purpose of this assignment.
This form may be designed however you choose. However all of the following must be included/addressed:
1.  The form must be comprehensive enough to thoroughly evaluate the service in a restaurant to include all of the following:
Arrival and Greeting  (by host/hostess). Evaluate the mise en place upon arrival to include  the outdoor areas, entrance, etc.  You may want to include/think about:  appearance, demeanor, attitude (i.e. friendliness – or lack thereof),  helpfulness, wait time, etc.
Greeting (by server) You may want to include/think about: Timeliness of greeting, eye contact, posture, demeanor, professionalism, etc.
Order Taking (by server) You may want to include/think about: Product knowledge, use of suggestive selling, etc.
Delivery of food/beverages  (by server/runner); You may want to include/think about: Technique,  professionalism, did server/runner break service rules, i.e.: did they  “auction” food? or did the server/runner “ backhand”? How was the wait  time on the food and drinks? Was order correct?
Table Maintenance  (by server) You may want to include/think about: How long until sever  checked back after delivery of food/beverage, did server hover or was  server obtrusive? Was server good at reading guest cues and anticipating  needs? How was the overall service throughout the course of the meal?  Did server handle any issues/complaints properly?
Conclusion of Meal  (by server) You may want to include/think about: Did server demonstrate  proper mise en place at the end of the meal? Was the goodbye sincere?  Did the server close the meal effectively/properly?
Overall Professionalism  (by server) You may want to include/think about: Dress, grooming,  demeanor, attitude, product knowledge, timeliness of service, etc.
2. Include a  scoring scale (i.e. using a scale of 1 to 3, 1 to 5, 1 to 10, etc.) to  assign points possible for each aspect of service evaluated for a total  of 100 points possible.
3. Include a place to write additional notes and comments after each step of service evaluated.
4. A place to total the final score out of 100.

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