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To assemble and present a comprehensive Vessel Security Assessment for a Liquid Natural Gas tanker, there is a variety of information that must be collected. Blueprints and similar documented layouts of the vessel that depict storage areas, all accessible points on board, maintenance equipment for essential services in the event of an emergency and areas that are required to have restricted access. Completed threat assessments of entry and exit points for passengers that provide the methods by which they were conducted are also needed (“33 CFR § 104.305 – Vessel Security Assessment (VSA) requirements,” 2019)
Along with the last Vessel Security Assessment it is important to have a manifest of all passengers and any security functions they are required to perform. In addition, assembly areas, escape routes and evacuation plans are required to be assessed for effectiveness as well as the safety equipment needed to ensure that all passengers and officials remain secure in the event of catastrophe (“33 CFR § 104.305 – Vessel Security Assessment (VSA) requirements,” 2019)
The most current agreements and contracts with security and inspection companies. The Ship Security Officer is an important role in the security functions of any ocean vessel to include an Liquid Natural Gas tanker. The SSO implements and updates the security plan of the ship. He/she, when in the role of the SSO, the officer is also responsible for offering suggestions for improving the scope and effectivess of the security plan. The SSO is also responsible for aiding in the development of the ship’s security assessment.
Guiding and training the ship’s crew in the implementation of security plans and promotion of security awareness strategies are the proactive duties of the SSO.
A Liquid Natural Gas Vessel has its own set of unique security features that need to be addressed. By carriage of such volatile cargo, the security protocol and standard operating procedures must be created with the specific hazards that accompany it. There is a level of vigilance that must be possessed by the crew and passengers as well.
 All of these elements must be present to ensure security stays at the forefront for not just the SSO and those trained in security but for all personnel that are on the ship (“What Are The Duties Of Ship Security Officer (SSO)?,” 2018)
The human element is probably the single-most difficult aspect to maintaining security integrity. The TWIC card or Transportation Worker Identification Credentials is an important safeguard against the “bad” guy destroying the security of a vessel or other transportation mode. The TWIC card is essentially a background check and pre-screening of a transportation worker to gain access to secure areas.

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Response to discussion with 250 words
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