Reservation System Analysis

Introduction Many systems used an automation process like using computer system, due to effiency and accuracy. Hotel Reservation is a transaction processing system,In this system there are more advantages rather tha a manual Hotel Reservation. The Cattleya Garden Villas started without any plan at all. The owner, Ms. Imelda S. Torres has only a free vacant lot and shejust want to make it productive.
She got the idea from her friends and relatives in United States where they are coming over here in the Philippines for a vacation, but they’re house is too small for them so they decided to build a villa to have privacy, take a rest and feel the comfort like they’re in the other country. Another reason is that it is much more of the accessibility wherein the place is located only in Guagua, so visitors in town or the balikbayans can go in this place right away.
The mission of the Cattleya Garden Villas is to be able to give a place to the Balikbayans where they can stay longer and feel relax with the ambiance of the garden villa that is not offered with the other hotels. The vision of Cattleya Garden Villas is to give a quality and comfort of the rooms, courteous services, and friendly atmosphere and great service to the customers where they can be proud of. They have a Standard Room for 2 persons only and a 4 rooms, a Villa has 2 rooms for 4 persons and they are building a barkada room 8 persons they have also a Function Hall for any events like wedding, debut, baptism, birthday etc. and if they want to have food catering they will provide for it. The rooms are completely furnished and it is centralized, they have dining table, comfort room, kitchen where you customers can surely rest and it has a free breakfast and it has a Wi-Fi zone. The procedure of the current system of Cattleya Garden Villas is manually getting the information from the clients or customers; they entertain reservations through phone calls, the payment is 50% deposit and the other half is paid on the day of the event thru cash or credit card. Statement of the Problem

The proposed Website and Online Reservation System for Cattleya Garden Villas aims to answer the following problems. General Problem The study aims to develop a “Website and Online Reservation System for Cattleya Garden Villas ” that will provide more advantages and reliability for the user and make it more efficient and secure. Specific Problem How will the researchers manage and secure the guests information, sales report, and customers payments? How will the proponents search and retrieve files for reservation like room information and other amenities?
How will the proponents improve the existing billing system to make it more responsive to customer’s need? How will the proponents handle the inconviences brought about by the manual process of accepting customers reservation? Objective of the Study This study aims to solve the problems encountered and to improve the current reservation system. General Objective The study intends to develop a “Website and Online Reservation System for Cattleya Garden Villas ” that will provide faster, efficient and responsive for the user.
Specific Objective To limit the number of the users that can operate the proposed system with username and password. To provide a Quick Summary Reports shows the details about total sales figure of the month. To provide a system that will automatically compute for the reservations accounts of the guests. To develop a system that will easily search and retrieve files like room information and amenities. To provide a billing statement that can print the customer’s transactions.

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