Research Project (321)

Research Project
Each student will write one 12 double-spaced pages paper, for the economic and political / security issues respectively. If you have difficulty selecting a topic, you should consult the instructor immediately.

The proposal and paper must be typewritten, using 12 font print, double-spaced, page-numbered, with a 1 inch margin on all sides, and printed on one side of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. You must carefully proofread your papers. Spelling and grammatical errors will be taken into consideration in the grading. Do not put papers in folders; please staple. 

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Research Project (321)
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The paper should contain full citation of all sources consulted and referred to in the essay.  Any book or article or other source consulted and referred to in the essay will be cited in the essay, either in parenthetical citations or endnotes.   A bibliography will be included at the end of the essay identifying all sources.  Essays will be well researched and will be based on a combination of scholarship (books and journal articles by authorities), and current articles (newspapers and magazines). At least two authoritative scholarly books (single author, multiple author, or edited books) will be consulted, at least four articles from scholarly refereed journals, and no more than four articles from web sites will be used.  Students are encouraged to utilize the online databases for articles from scholarly journals including JSTOR and ABI/INFORM. 

Paper title: 
Impact investing as a means of achieving Sustainable Development Goals in China

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