Research Paper on Hash Functions

Project Paper (Topic, Outline, PowerPoint Presentation, and Paper) Topics: Week 2: Topic selection due
Week 4: Outline due
Week 7: Paper due

Topics: Acceptable topics unless I have already approved one:
• Cryptography
• Encryption
• Stream Ciphers
• Block Ciphers
• Public-Key Cryptography
• RSA Cryptosystem
• Digital Signatures
• Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
• Hash Functions
• Message Authentication Codes
• Key Establishment

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Research Paper on Hash Functions
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Details of Project Paper (20%): You must include at least ten references. Prepare a 10-15 page paper in Microsoft Word (counts as 20% of the final grade) in APA format (see writing expectations in the Policies section) (350 words per page). The paper should be between 2500 to 5300 words excluding the title page content and the references page content. At a minimum include the following:
o Detailed description of the area researched
o Technology involved in the area
o Future trends in the area
o Example companies involved in the area
o Regulatory issues surrounding the area
o Global implications for the area
o References (minimum of 10)

You may use resources from the APUS Online Library, any library, government library, or any peer-reviewed reference (Wikipedia and any other publicly-reviewed source is not accepted). The paper must be at least 10 pages double-spaced, 1″ margin all around, black 12 point font (Times New Roman or Arial) with correct citations of all utilized references/sources, (pictures, graphics, etc… are extra – allowed but extra for the minimum page count). The title page and references are also required but don’t count in the minimum page count. A minimum of 10 references are required.
The paper will be subjected to checking against plagiarism. The paper must follow acceptable originality criteria (no more than 15% max total, and 2% per individual source match are allowed).

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