Research paper

Goal. To learn (and practice) basic research skills. 
Sources. Go online, find, and print one source from the SFC library database: The biography of Otto Preminger in the Encyclopedia of World Biography Online 
Quotations. I want you to look at Preminger’s life in three stages: early, middle, and late. 
1. 1906-1943. The Early Years. 
2. 1944-1962. The Middle Years. 
3. 1963-1986. The Later Years. 
In this source, find and bracket one quotation for each phase: The one event that you think most important at that time of his life, contributing to his development as a film director.
Organization. Your research paper will consist of five paragraphs: an introduction, three development paragraphs, and a conclusion. The first development paragraph will address the early years; the second one will address the middle years; the third one will address the later years. Each of these development paragraphs should present to the reader: 1. a topic sentence, 2. a quotation, and 3. an explanation (why this event seems most important to you). 
Guidelines. 500-750 words. Formal writing. MLA format, including a works-cited page. Alphabet organization. Originality report.
Grading I will evaluate this document for folder management, MLA format, thesis sentences, topic sentences, and formal writing. 
Sample Thesis Sentence. ((Otto Preminger’s life is interesting in many ways. However, some events seem especially important to me because they contributed to his development as a film director.)) 
Sample Topic Sentence. (In Preminger’s early years, one event stands out as important to me.)

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