Research paper

Read the book called “A Long Way Gone:Memoris of a boy soldier” by Ishmael beah
Procedure:The book report/research paper will consist of the following:
1.A cover sheet listing the title of your paper(oou make up a title based on the content of your papeuse uumber and name.instrnctor’s name your and the date of submissiom.
2.The body of the report will consist of a minimum of 5-6 pages,typed,double-spaced and written on only one side of the paper.
3.The cover sheet,body of the report and Works Cited page should be stapled together in the upper left-hand corner.DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF COVER ON YOUR REPORT
4.All materials should be typed following the manuscript rules in your textbook for the MLA(Modern Language Association)Stvle.The body of the report should be double- spaced with adequate margins(1-11/2”’)on all sides.
5.Be sure to include 4-5 quotations from A Long Way Gone,properly documented in the MLA sty1e to back up your ideas.Do the same for your other sources.Be sure to include a listing of all of your sources,including the book. on the work cited page in alphabetical order by Author’s last name.
5.Give the title of the book and the name of the author in the first or second paragraph.Titles of books are always underlined.Include the titles of all books or articles used as references berore you give the quotation.You may refer to the author the first by his/her first and last name.Affter that,use his or her last name only.Never refer to an author by using just the first name.Don’t use titles,i.e.Mr.,Mrs.,Ms.or Miss when referring to the author.
7.Begin your research paper with a brief description of events in the book(5 or 6 paragraphs). Be very sure your thesis is clear.
8.See the thesis statements in your text,Student’s Book of College English,for examples.Be sure to limit your subject and remember,your thesis statement may change after you have begun to do your research.You may use any of the rhetorical modes we have studied as the Format of your paper.
9.Carefully read Chapters 18 and 19 in your text before you begin.You will find valuable examples of each step of the research process and of the writingsr
10.Be sure to include an outline as part of your paper.See the text for an example.You will need to show the professor your rough outline and your note cards.Prepare a note card for each quotation you plan to use.Don’t worry if you change your mind later.
11.Write 6 pages.Longer papers are not acceptable.Your work cited page must have your sources listed according to the information in Chapter 19.
12.You will need at least 5 sources for your report.You will need at least 8 quotations for your report.
A Long Way Gone is the first-person account of someone who was a child soldier in Africa.In the more than 50 conflicts going on worldwide,it is estimated that there are some 300,000 child soldiers. Ishmael Beah used to be one of them.
                  Beah’s story is a survivor’s tale,but there’s no self-pity or political digression to be found.Raw and honest,to break,to become the story is an important account of the ravages of war and it’s a reminder ofhow easy it would be for any of us to break,to become unrecognizable in such extreme circumstances. Discuss the psychological impact of war on child soldiers in this and another war.
1.Beah’s is a story of loss and redemption,from orphan to fighter to international participant in human rights conferences on child soldiers.How does one become a killer? How does one stop? He found that he was capable of truly terrible acts.How did he learn to forgive himself to regain his humanity and finally to heal?
2. Beah goes from a fearful boy lost in the civil war to enjoying the torture of other human beings after being recruited by the government army at age 13.Discuss the role of children soldiers in this and another war?
3. This is how wars are fought now:by children hopped-up on drugs and wielding AK-47’s.Childrehave become the soldiers of choice.What makes their conscription different from that of drafted America soldiers serving in previous wars.
4. Discuss the role of drugs on soldiers of another war such as Vietnam or Korea.
5. Discuss the role of UNICEF in war torn areas around the world.
6. Discuss the role of American hip-hop culture in creating a“soundtrack”for Beah’s life.Why an rappers so appealing to him? Compare this to the role of music in another war.

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