Research paper

Choose one company
 listed in the most recent Fortune 500 or 1000 list that uses U.S. GAAP. Compare and analyze the financial statements of that company to those of one non-US Company, in the same industry, which uses IFRS (Take a look at the Fortune Global 500 list for possible choices, although your possible choices are not limited to this list).  Each student must choose two different companies. First come, first serve.
To clarify:  Each student must choose two different companies, in the same industry, one using GAAP and one using IFRS.  Then compare the financial statements.   
Sources to Consult: 
There are many places where you can find information, ideas and ways to proceed. At the end of each module in the textbook for this course, there a summaries of key differences between US GAAP and IFRS.  In addition, many of the “Big 4” accounting firms also maintain websites devoted to this issue. 
Here are a few websites were you can find information to assist you with this project. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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Research paper
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What to Submit: 
A Word document, submitted electronically through Turnitin.  This is done by following these two steps:

Access the “Final Project” assignment in Canvas
Select the button that says “Load Final Project in a New Window”

You will be redirected to “Turnitin”.  This is where you will upload your project.  As long as the file is in word format you shouldn’t have any issues submitting it.
The minimum length of the paper is 8 pages and 2,500 words.
The paper must be single spaced with 12 point Times New Roman font.  You can use either 10 or 12 point Times New Roman font for tables.  You must have at least 5 sources listed on your reference page.  The project must include a cover page, table of content, and reference page.
PLEASE NOTE:  The cover page, table of content, and the bibliography/reference page are required, but do not count toward the 8 page or the 2,500-word count minimum.  Any tables, statements, or exhibits included in the project can not be included in the minimum page and work count either. 
What to Include: 
You have a lot of flexibility regarding what to include. Feel free to be creative.  You must decide which information is most important to analyze and develop your project based on it.
However, here are some common elements that I expect all papers to include.

Business and Industry Environment: Include an analysis of the business and industry environment.  Discuss the five forces that confront both companies and the strategies they have implemented to address them.  You may want to conduct a SWOT analysis.  Is the industry competitive, is the industry impacted by the global economy or recent government regulation, is there a high threat of substitution for the products, etc. 
Ratio analysis: Complete an analysis of both companies from the perspective of a financial analyst. 

Choose a minimum of 5 ratios you think are most relevant
Explain why you chose these ratios
Use a table to provide a comparison
Explain the similarities and differences you see in the comparison
Explain which company is in better financial condition and why

Common-size income statements and balance sheets: Compare them for the two companies for the most recent year available. Provide a brief discussion of the similarities and differences. Tell me which company is more profitable.
Differing accounting methods and standards: You will likely come across differences in accounting standards and methods. Identify them and tell me what a financial analyst would do with that information.
Issues or roadblocks: The two companies probably do not display their information the same way, so you may face challenges comparing the data.  Let me know what obstacles you ran into and how you addressed them. 

Companies are Nike and Puma

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