research goal

Researching Goals and Objectives
For this discussion question, you will research and identify two different organizations funded by grants. Make sure you select organizations that serve a completely different purpose from the organiation you have selected for your final grant proposal. THE ORGANIZATION ARE: 1.Texas Inmate Families Association 2. Elijah Rising
Discuss the purpose or mission of each organization and identify one goal and one related outcome objective applicable to each organization. What does each organization seek to do in order to reach its goals or achieve its mission (process objectives)? Find, identify, and summarize one goal, one related outcome objective, and one related process objective from the organization’s program logic model or from a funding proposal. (This may be from the donor page of the organization, and not necessarily from a submitted grant proposal).
Good Morning –
First we have to know what we want. What are our goals? What are our objectives? How will we achieve these? Who else cares or could care? And what does that look like?
Researching other entities and seeing how they managed that can provide excellent examples of what works. I would also be looking at the funding source and their goals and objectives. Not only how di They fit my design, how did I fit theirs?
Working on a Federal grant from NIMH was educational. We spent hours dotting “i”s and crossing “t”s. Perfection was the standard. There was much competition for the moneys available, and we wanted to make saying “Yes” and easy job for the funding source.
Required Text
O’Neal-McElrath, T. (2013). Winning grants step by step: The complete workbook for planning, developing and writing successful proposals (4th ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
· Step 4: Defining Clear Goals and Objectives
· Step 5: Developing the Methods
· Resource C: Logic Model Resources, p. 122
· Worksheets (Links to an external site.)
Required References
Search for theory of change or logic model for 3-5 resources available to grant writers and grant funders, such as “Mapping Change: Using a theory of change to guide program evaluation”
“Locke’s Goal Setting Theory: Understanding SMART Goal Setting”

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