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Poster for the movie ‘Black Widow’, artists unknown, digital image, 2021 
When I first saw this poster, my attention was drawn to the red light that is very bright, shaped as an hourglass because of how dark the background is. Something else that caught my attention is how big the focal point is in the middle of the poster, showing importance and significance. The people in the back of the focal point, which is black widow, seem to be on her side because their image is bigger and brighter than the people on the bottom.Their faces are being highlighted, especially Black Widow. Their emotions are also shown to be very serious and concentrated.  However, the 6 people on the bottom seem to be her enemies because of how small the artists had made them, it’s like they are living in the shadows, showing their characters as evil. Their emotions seem to be very angry and they all look like they want to take revenge for something that has happened. The title is in a white font, which brought my attention down to the enemies or smaller people because of how much harder it is to recognize and see them. 
The usage of color seems to fit in with this movie, such as the color red and black, allowing the audience to feel a certain way before watching this movie. The color red seems to be very bright and important, showing intenseness, anger, revenge, blood, and horror. Because of the significance of the color red, we know that there will be a lot of actions and violence that happen including both sides of the movie, the good and the bad. The black color stands for darkness or sadness, which may foreshadow that someone might die later on or something miserable may occur. The buildings and airplane in the back symbolizes a lot will happen including action and unexpected events that may occur. The two colors that were chosen give off a scary, unexpected feeling. 
After analyzing everything on this movie poster, it really gave off a good understanding of what may happen throughout the movie. All these clues of focal point and colors shows that the main character Black Widow is out to be the “hero,” while she has to deal and fight the evil with the help of her friends. Without the dark lighting, shadows of evil, the focal point, and the choices of red and black it would have been harder to tell what the movie was going to be like. 
Poster for the movie ‘Hotel Transylvania: Transformania’, Unknown Artist, computer generated image, 2021
The first thing I noticed was the neon purple line that divides the image into a symmetrical shape. Across the line, there are 4 people whose appearances are divided by the line. The bottom person is a mummy on the left and a human on the right, the next person is a zombie on the left and a human on the right, the 3rd person is a vampire on the left and a human o the right, and the last person is a human on the left and a monster on the right. The purple background on the left side and the white background on the right side help the viewer establish the transition made in the piece. There is also a woman on the right side observing the transformation of the 4 people. The neon purple line starts to divide at the bottom of the image as it electrocutes the title ‘Hotel Transylvania’, and adds a glowing ‘Transformania’ title.
The facial expressions of the group are mixed between excited and terrified, giving a sense of pandemonium for the whole piece. The faces in the image are seen very clearly so the viewer can observe the individual opinions of the image. On the top left corner of the image, the image says ‘change can be scary’ which implies that the people in this movie will overcome a significant transition. The glowing word ‘Transformania’ compliment this inference. Also, since the font of ‘Transformania’ is different from ‘Hotel Transylvania’, it makes the implication that this film is a sequel. 
After analyzing the symmetrical lines, the expressive faces, and the titles found in the poster, I have a good understanding of what this movie will be like. All of these tools show that the group of people in the movie will either change from monster to human, or human to monster. The expressive faces and the line ‘change can be scary’ show that the film will have comedic pandemonium while trying to adjust to the situation. This makes me believe that the intended audience of this movie is for children. I picked this movie poster because of the contrasting colors that caught my eye. The dark purple on the left side give a dark and haunting feel, while the white background on the right side gives a much happier feel. 
Artist Unknown; The Seated Scribe; limestone, rock crystal, magnesite, wood, and copper/arsenic; 4th Dynasty Old Kingdom 2500 B.C.E.; Found in Saqqara
The first thing that caught my attention was how realistic this sculpture is compared to others at this time. When looking at Ancient Egyptian art, many of the statues have lots of clothing articles, which doesn’t give an accurate depiction of the body, unlike the The Seated Scribe. The curves of the man’s stomach as he sits down shows implied lines of fat rolling over the body. At the time, scribes were considered rather high class, which is why he has a large belly. His straight posture yet relaxed shoulders make him seem so real I feel like I could sit in front of him and have a conversation. The details of the face add for more surrealism. Another very impressive factor of this sculpture is the scribe’s symmetry. Everything is the same on each side other than the hands, since one hand is holding papyrus (the paper in Egyptian Time) and an implied pen. The most impressive thing about this painting is the color restoration. Today, the color of Egyptian sculptures often fade away, yet the Seated Scribes’pigment remains almost untarnished. The scribe’s skin tone shows he is often in the sun, and the black pigment in top of his head show a short haircut. The piece is made primarily of limestone other than wooden nipples, and the eyes which were made of countless material. The eyes have crystal which are polished in the front and organic material in the back. There is a copper clip attaching the eyes to the sculpture. The combination of the material allow the eyes to appear extremely lifelike. When the sculpture was discovered in 1850, the base was broken off, which means the identity of the piece is unknown. Today, it resides in The Louvre, which I could hopefully visit one day. 
One intriguing detail I learned while researching this piece is that pharaohs, or Egyptian rulers, were considered to be gods. Since there are very few statues in Egypt that are not of pharaohs, it is rare to see a sculpture as casual as The Seated Scribe because gods weren’t depicted that way. 
Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker, (2015, November 25), “The Seated Scribe” Smarthistory,
Artist unknown, Egyptian Fragments of a Queen’s Face, yellow jasper, Amarna Period, Egypt
I was very intrigued by this sculpture. It is made out of yellow jasper which is harder than steel. This alone makes me think that the use of a material that is harder than steel signifies the strength that this queen had during her time. It’s almost saddening, in a way, because the top half of her face is gone and it makes me want to know what the rest of it looked like. The amount of detail in her lips makes them look almost realistic. Because her mouth is the only part left of her face, I feel this represents that she was a strong woman who could not be silenced, who stood her ground and did not let anyone take advantage of her. But it’s also hard to know who exactly this queen was. After doing some research with the information that I already had from this piece, I believe this could have been Queen Nefertiti. According to Joshua Mark, “Nefertiti must have wielded more power than any woman in Egypt”. This is what makes me think that because of the power she obtained, her lips in the sculpture signify the power she had during her ruling. An interesting fact about the time period that this sculpture was created is that the people flipped from polytheism (believing in multiple gods) to monotheism (believing in one god). 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Barry X Ball on an Egyptian fragment of a queen’s face,” in Smarthistory, January 21, 2021, accessed July 6, 2021,
Mark, Joshua J. “Nefertiti.” World History Encyclopedia, World History Encyclopedia, 4 July 2021,

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