Relations between Native leaders and Americans

1. Black Kettle, Chief Joseph and Red Cloud provides examples of what diplomatic relation looked like in the West between American Indians and Americans. Describe what relations between Native leaders and Americans looked like in the West. Consider in your answer how they differed in relations in the east. In your answer address the length of time Native American had to develop relations with Americans in the west and the east, how Americans perception of Native Americans influenced the actions of Americans, and how the political aspirations of those building a new country may have guided American Indian policy and diplomatic relations.2. Then consider how the following framework of power have been used throughout American Indian History.Power over: people who believe in power over believe that power is finite and use fear to protect and hoard power. They give people someone to blame for their discomfort. Power with/to/within: In this frame work people believe that power is infinite and expands when shared with others. Leaders in this model are in service of others.

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Relations between Native leaders and Americans
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