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First, read chapter 1 of Raising Cain (Protecting The Emotional Life of Boys), by Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson.
For your second reading, you’ll read a Facebook post that I made back in June of 2016. I’m telling you that it’s a Facebook post so that you’ll cut me a little bit of slack when you read it. It’s not the sort of thing that I’d write if I were crafting some academic article to be submitted to a peer-reviewed research journal. It’s a little bit “off the cuff.” But it still resonates with me and it reflects research I’ve read (like the book above). I’m hoping it will be food for thought. It’s here: Fighting Toxic Masculinity.docx
THEN, once you’ve read those two things and thought about them, do this:
If you don’t agree with the chapter and my Facebook post, say why. Make an argument. Marshall your evidence. You won’t be graded on whether or not you agree with me. I just want you to make a good faith effort at trying to explain and justify your position.
If you do agree, then try to brainstorm as many ways that we might remedy (fix, make better, improve) the situation. How can we help children (boys especially) to be more emotionally intelligent? Be as specific as you can. I list a few things in my Facebook post, but help me think of more. How can we make things better?
Maybe there are situations in your life where someone’s lack of emotional intelligence had serious consequences. You could also talk about that and try to imagine what could have helped that person to do better.  (Concrete examples are really useful in helping people to understand the concept.)
Any other thoughts you have on these issues? Feel free to share. The readings are meant to be thought-provoking. 

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