Reaction Paper Blood of a Mole

“Blood of a mole” tells the story of pity, self-sacrifice, and trickery. You cannot always give people what they need, no matter how desperate they are. The character gives some of his own life which Is represented by blood because he felt such a compelling need to help the desperate woman. He pitied her and obviously TLD agree with her Ideas In moles’ blood, or he wouldn’t have tricked the women. During the story the character was going to tell her “l never had sold moles in the shop and I had never seen one in my life” but he knows that this woman anted to hear good news.
The character said “l have no moles”, this reaction of the women made him feel guilty of himself and made it as if had no choice but to help her. Why do some people feel the need to be a hero? I don’t believe he gave the woman his blood out of the goodness of his heart, but it was more of an attempt to console the woman in order to ease his own sense of guilt. After he concedes that “Maybe I have some moles”, he states “l don’t know why I acted like this”. The woman had no faith and no longer wanted any help.
When he offers her his blood, “She did not reach for the glass bottle. She turned and quickly went toward the door”. You can see that he wants to help when he doesn’t take the money she offers for his service, which he wouldn’t have done If he were truly carrying mole’s blood In his shop. “Then she took some money out of her pocket. ‘No. No,’ I said”. This shows that he wants to help this woman even though he is not getting anything in return.

“l wanted to accompany her to the corner. I offered her some water but she just ran off,” The story brings to mind the Dry. At overworks himself trying to save every patient, in the meantime his own health and life deteriorates. The story is told from first-person point of view. In this way, we know exactly what the protagonist is thinking.
This does limit the story in some ways, since no other opinions or observations are told , I wasn’t sure what was going on with anyone else. The narrator Is the main character and the only person with a voice, other than some dialogue, throughout the story. The reader sees everything from the eyes of the rotating.
There are many observations given, but when speaking of feelings, It gets scarce. There is mostly confusion or fear expressed, but through the observations, a lot of pity is conveyed. “l was scared. I could feel something evil lurking in the dark”. “L knew it by her eyes, by the timid stir of her fingers that reached out to touch me” The woman’s need for moles’ blood is the conflict of the story. The protagonist does not have a mole, let alone mole’s blood, but he is compelled to help, comfort or insole the woman.
The pity the guy has for her grows larger as he continues observe her. , “l felt bad because I couldn’t help her”. The guy even gives her his own blood as a substitute for mole blood and tricks her, “Here It Is,’ I said. ‘Here’s the blood of the mole. ” The climax of this story Is when the woman returns from her Ill son, “He walks! ‘ the woman sobbed, holding a bittersweet smile behind her hands. ‘He walks! “. But he cannot save everyone. We all have loved one’s we do not want to leave us to the other side.
The story is resolved when they all come for him “Everyone had a The narrative structure is clear-cut, direct and uncomplicated. Things occur in a chronological order of time. It starts from the beginning, there are no flashbacks, and everything proceeds in order. It does skip over a few seasons that are “uneventful”. The scenes are somewhat short, not overly elaborate, but ample detail is given. The author does not state such when months have passed, he uses another poetic technique. “Cold, uneventful days slipped by.
The autumn leaves whirled hopelessly n the wind, giving the air a brown appearance. The early winter blizzards hurled snowflakes against the windows… ” He uses weather to foreshadow what is going to happen next Overall, I liked this story about a hero. It made me think a lot about being realistic on how any lives I try to touch in the future. This story really shows the best of humans. There are some people that are going to help even though they get nothing in return. This story is was well written. The dialogue was somewhat lacking, but I guess it fit’s the story.

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Reaction Paper Blood of a Mole
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