psychology paper

1. Study overview, purpose, and relevance (4 points)
(a)  Provide a brief overview of your study.  What is your study about?  What is the purpose of your study?(2 points)
(b)  Why are you interested in testing this idea? Discuss how this research builds upon the previous study you read about in assignment 1.(2 points)
2. Hypothesis (2 points) 
Describe what do you expect to find and why.
3. Describe the key variables in your study and how you would operationalize each variable.(4 points)
(a)  Variables: What, if anything, are you manipulating?What are you measuring?(2 points)
(b)  Operational definitions: How specifically will you measure each variable in your study?(2 points)
4. Sample Characteristics and Methodology?  (4 points)
(a) Who do you want to test?  Describe the participants in your study. (Adults, children, college student or national sample, gender, etc.).  
(b) What type of research design (experiment, case study, observational research, etc.) do you propose, and why?
5. Study procedure(6 points)
Describe exactly what participants would do in your study.What will participants experience?  Include any important instructions to participants.After reading this section, we should know exactly how to run your proposed study from start to finish. 

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