Following the steps listed in the Appendix of your textbook (pages 319-322), choose a problem from the list below or define an environmental problem you recognize in your current life and try to change it. This assignment is time intensive and will take 5 weeks to fully complete (1 week to observe current behavior, 3 weeks to monitor change in behavior, and one week to build graphs and write the report). To allow for the necessary amount of time, I suggest you start early. Also, it will be challenging to thoroughly describe your project within 2 pages, thus you might write succinctly. Your report should include a brief summery of what behavior you are changing and why it matters to the environment. You should log your current behavior for one week and include a description of your baseline behaviors.  Describe what your goal will be and the plan you will use to help you achieve that goal. Track your progress and change the plan as needed to assist in your behavior change over a 3-week period. You will need to describe your progress in your paper but also include a chart of your status behavior in your submission. Your grade will depend on the extent and quality of the changes you made, as well as how you applied course concepts to your process of change. 
Suggestions for types of behavior interventions: energy consumption, recycling, water use, paper use, transportation, composting, eating and purchasing food, consumerism (buy local), toxic chemical intake reduction, agriculture (meat reduction), waste reduction, etc.

 All extra credit submissions will be limited to 2 pages (not including references, graphs, etc.) and following APA style (Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced, etc).

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