Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther

Reformation Websites: Section 1: Life of Martin Luther 1. Fill out the graphic organizer using http://www. Luther. De/en/Enoch. HTML Life of Martin Luther After vaulting his parents, he was caught In a terrible thunderstorm. During the storm lightning struck near him, and he was thrown to the ground. At this moment he called to Saint Anne, and declared: “l will become a monk. ” Why did he decide to become a Monk? When did he decide to become a Monk? During a terrible storm. When did he become a professor at Wattenberg (Germany) university? 1507 he started professed at 1 512 What did he do as a professor?
He came into contact with the ideas of the humanists and embraced their slogan. 2. Answer these questions using the map at http://www. Circular. Net/history/ Marcel/Luther. HTML a. Where did followers of Martin Lather’s ideas (Lutheran) live? Germany Denmark Sweden Norway Prussia a. Where did followers of another reformer, John Calvin (Calvinist) live? The city of Genoa Switzerland. Scotland, England, France, Italy, Bohemia, Poland, and the Dutch Netherlands. B. Was the majority of Europe Catholic or Protestant during the reformation? Protestants Section 2: Luther”s Beliefs 1.
Find out what Martin Luther believed about Faith. Read the passage in the following link and fill out the chart. Http://www. Icicle. Org/pub/resources/text/ Wattenberg/Luther/Luther-faith. Txt What faith IS according to Luther What faith is NOT according to Luther living bold trust in Gods graces confidence and knowledge of goddesses makes you happy freely willingly do good things serve people love and praise god holy spiral Followed by good works or Better life Section 3: Luther Posts his 95 Theses 1. Use the following website to fill in the table below on Lather’s 95 Theses. Www. Luther. De/en/nonchalant. HTML

Cause Event Effect Why was Luther upset with the church? Http:// The people where no longer coming to hem for their confessions they were going to different towns. What did he do about it? He wrote 95 theses which were use as the basis for discussion on the topic. What was the reaction to the 95 Theses? Some humanists approved of these, but parts of the Roman Church completely rejected them What is an indulgence? They supposedly categorized Luther as a follower of the heretic Jan Hush and threatened to have him burned at the stake. What were the 95 Theses? Used for basic discussion on a topic.
Section 4: Effects of the Reformation 1. Complete the following chart using http://www. Luther. De/en/banana. HTML and http:// Cause practically declared a heretic both churches wanted Luther to recant his teachings while he was there Luther is excommunicated (explain what happened) trip to worms Diet of Worms (explain what it was) repentance objective clever thought out Section 5: Printing Press 1. Use the following 3 links to answer the questions about the printing press. Http:// www. Definer. Com/history/inventions/story. HTML http://www. Gutenberg. De/English/refinery. HTML a.
What is the printing press? Was screw press specially designed to achieve an effective an even transfer b. Who invented the printing press? Genius of Guttenberg c. How does it work? Pressing the letters down to then produce ink on paper d. How did the printing press help Martin Luther? It allowed them to write in a more advanced easier way Section 6: Changing Europe 1. Use the map found at the following link and what you have learned so far to answer the questions below: http://chlorofluorocarbon. Wiseacres. Com/Everything *Europe a. How would a map of the year 1400 be different? (Hint: think religions… T would show where religions migrated or lived Catholic? Because of where their priest where located and what they were taught in that area c. What impact did Luther have on this map? With where religions lived a. What impact did the printing press have on this map? It allowed them to write clearly and readable to all. Section 7: Evaluation Task: You are going to become a reporter during the early 1 ass’s. You will be creating a newspaper article based on an event, the key figures, or problem. 1. You are to write an article on one of the topics listed below: a. Complaints with the Church .
Key figures: Calvin, Woozily, Erasmus c. Martin Luther and his 95 Theses d. Compare and contrast common beliefs of the Catholic and Protestant Church (language, ultimate authority & salvation) 2. Research and answer the following questions using the suggested websites in #3. A. Why were people dissatisfied with the Catholic Church in the asses? B. What were Lather’s criticisms of the Church? C. How did the printing press affect Reformation ideas? A. Why did Luther want the Bible translated from Latin into German and other languages? B. How did the Church respond to Lather’s 95 Theses? C.
How did the ideas of John Calvin, John Woozily, and Desires Erasmus influence the Reformation? D. How was Europe affected by the events following Lather’s excommunication? How did the map of Europe change? 2. Suggest website resources: John Woozily http://www. BBC. Co. UK/history John Calvin http://www. Unwanted. Org http://www. Excel. Org http://www. Immersed. Com http://www. Was. Du Desires Erasmus http://www. Gospel. Net http://en. Wisped. Org http://www. Studiously. Com/ Martin Luther http://www. PBS. Org http://www. U-s-history. Com Spreading of Lather’s Ideas Church Dissatisfaction Lather’s Criticism http://www. Calgary. Ca Reformation http://www. Encouragement. Org http://www. Wisped. Org * 95 theses 95 theses was written by Martin Luther this year 1 517 and is the catalyst for the protestant reformation. It was the sales of indulgence, it centers on the practices within the catholic church regarding baptism and absolution. It views upon how to repent and how to be less sinful. These should be strictly followed by anyone in the church. There are times where you are allowed to relieve your pain or frustration in purgatory. He is focusing on catholic churches. Please be aware of the new movement.

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