Pros and Cons of Freedom of Religion

Pro’s of Immigration

Work force- many immigrants work at low-paying jobs that natural born citizens often don’t want to perform. These jobs, although not glamorous, are essential to the economy.

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Pros and Cons of Freedom of Religion
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Diversity- an advantage of immigration to the United States is the increase in diversity and culture throughout the country. Although many people argue that this is not a good thing, many others feel that diversity and culture can serve to educate Americans.
International Image- Immigration makes America a more open, understanding and welcoming country. Immigration in the U. S. hus can be a strong advantage in international relations and politics.
Economy- Immigrants that provide cheap labor also have an impact on the nation’s overall economy.

That is, when businesses can’t fill low-paying jobs, they have one of two choices. We must remember we all come from immigrants What makes the United States so great is the diversity which is only possible through immigration The United states is a land of opportunity and we should be able to share these opportunities with others If no one was able to come into the United States there would basically be no America What message are we sending if we had no immigration?
Opportunity and freedom is what makes the United states so strong. None of us would be here if it wasn’t for immigration unless you are 100% Native American Immigrants even provide new ideas for inventions, and sometimes cheap labor for big companies. This cheap labor can lower prices of U. S. goods, and those new ideas are the basis of why this country is amazingly powerful Can you not say that this country is a great country? Can you not think of them coming here to America as a complement to us.
There are so many countries that have different racial populations today and they all work because they feel no threat. Americans complain and complain that immigrants take our jobs that most Americans will not even commit to. Do you see any of the wealthy in those fields? NO! Most of them make less than minimum wage and still complain Con’s of freedom of Religion Cons of the policy of freedom of religion can be described firstly as the practices themselves.
Practices may involve sacrifices or rituals that are not taken kindly by other religious groups. That brings it to another disadvantage: Hate and discrimination can fuel attacks,murder and in extreme cases, terrorism. Wrongfully use to divide rather than unite humanity. Some people need a book to direct their moral values. Slow man progress, for example, stem cell research. It brainwash the worshippers. Uses fear tactics, for example, going to hell. May lead to greed, power and hypocrisy. Religious leaders use religion to enrich themselves.
Religion may be use to preys on people’s ignorance. Religion helps make many fast conclusions without deep examination. Devoid people of accountability for their own actions because their religion tell them it was ok to do. Every person of his or her religion believes one religion is better than another. Religions are manufacture, making people to live in illusion, escaping reality and living in a delusional world. The religion decides what is right and wrong based on the religion and not by the individual.
Religion plays some part in wars and people use it to justify their fighting, hate, and intolerance. Religious leaders may engage in preaching hate and intolerance against other religious belief systems. Ask followers to donate money so they can go to heaven, this mean less money for the followers and their family. Wars over religion, single view on the way things should work, dominate religion governing how people should think. Limits freethinking and freedom of speech, for example, drawing of the prophet Mohammed is considered forbidden by Muslims.
Human right violations, for example, Sharia law for the Muslims, gays may put to death, freedom of speech is not allow, women and girls are not allow to go to school and so on. It creates mass delusion in which the religious people believe that they are right on moral grounds solely based on their religion or to what religious entity they are a part of. Religious leaders may act like businessmen competing in the market, advertising that their religion is genuine and certified product on the market for going to heaven and eternal life. |

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