Project Supply Chain/Procurement Management

Find a  story in your local newspaper about a project that is about to start. For that project, answer each of the following questions and justify your answers:
 1. Using the ideas in Exhibit 13.2, speculate on what activities, supplies, or services could be contracted out. 

2. Create a request for information for one portion of the project work that could be contracted out.

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Project Supply Chain/Procurement Management
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3. Using ideas from Exhibits 13.4 and 13.5,determine criteria you would use to select sellers for the portion of contract work under consideration. 
4. Determine what type of contract you would use for this work and explain why.


 1. Lower production cost 
2. More control over quality and time
 3. Lack of suitable suppliers 
4. Obtain a customized item 
5. Utilize project team’s expertise and time 
6. Protect proprietary design or knowledge 

1. Frees project team to deal with other important activities 
2. Ability to utilize specialized suppliers 
3. Flexibility in procurement
4. Inadequate managerial or technical resources
5. Inadequate capacity 
6. Small volume requirements

Please select Walmart and Advance Auto parts real project which has started in the year 2019. 

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