Project Proposal for Cms

Project Proposal for Contact Management System Login Screen for the application Looks like this [pic] On a network, access to databases is dependent upon the number of Users with User ID’s and protected passwords. With the MULTI-USER DATABASE, design data is no longer scattered across the hard disks and laptops of every engineer. It cannot be misplaced, lost or corrupted. In short, design data can be secured and managed like a valuable corporate asset. Contacts biographical information can be stored using this screens like this by quick pick popup selections for example : [pic] [pic] Multiple Data entry option:
While you are modifying a contact record, other users on the network will not be able to make changes while you are in the process of changing the record. This means that you have the record locked. Once you save your changes then the record is unlocked and others can make changes again. Mail-merge features: [pic] If you elect to do so, you may choose from one of the Email templates available by choosing the Template key. or you should type the email message to be sent. The mailing addresses are used when creating letters, envelopes, and mailing labels. The address formats area can be customized to appear the way you wish.
You must have Supervisor status to set up these options. These options are extremely important, as they affect all databases and all users and anything that uses the mailing address mail merge code {{MailAddr}}. Setting a default address format will enable you to have consistent mailing addresses among contacts. Label printing :[pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] Data import and export options: Importing is the process of bringing contact records into a database from an existing electronic file. This file can be from a specialized purchased mailing list, a CD ROM collection, a company database,  and many other sources.

The file to import must be in ASCII (comma delimited or one field per line), dBase, or Paradox format. [pic] Exporting is the process of copying contact data into a file that can be used in another application. Information is exported to one of the following file formats: ASCII comma delimited, ASCII tab delimited,  Dbase, and  WordPerfect Secondary mail merge format. When export files are created they contain only biographical fields and user fields, such as numeric, money, date fields, the categories, and the fields on the summary tab such as who last changed a record.
An export file does not contain contact notes, history, or events. To export this type of information to be able to use on another computer with Contact [pic] [pic] Various reports with selection criteria and sort sequence: [pic] The Design Button in the following screen will lets you go to the report editor and allow you to arrange the fields according to the preferences. generated reports [pic] Generated reports are like : [pic] [pic] Database Design was done Using PARADOX tables in Delphi. The Screen shots are done using Delphi6. [pic] [pic]

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Project Proposal for Cms
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