Project Management Questions

QUESTION 1  Failure to quantify project objectives raises the risk that the project won’t achieve the?    Statement of work    Project plan    Customer’s expectations    Project control QUESTION 2  How do we know if the project is successful. One aspect is validating scope. Scope validation is the process of the project customer accepting?    Project deliverables    Project scope    Project WBS    Project inspection QUESTION 3 The change control system should do several things for the project management team including document all change requests, track each change requests document approval levels required for change, and    Restate scope requirements    Indicate how change impacts communications    Provide the status of each change request    How change impacts quality QUESTION 4 The approach maps ideas to show the relationship among requirements and the difference between requirements.    Mind Mapping    Context Diagram    Network Diagram    Funding limits QUESTION 5  These diagram shown the relationship between elements of an environment.    Mind Mapping    Context Diagram    Network Diagram    Funding limits QUESTION 6  There are seven key processes associated with project time management.  The seven processes are interdependent on one another and on the _________ of the project?    Schedule    Activities    Estimations    Life cycle QUESTION 7  The planning technique that focuses on the immediate while considering the big picture and utilizes iterations of planning is called?    Waterfall method    Rolling wave    Agile project management    Scrum QUESTION 8  Part of the process of sequencing events is the development of network diagrams. A network diagram shows the relationship of the work activities and how the activities progress start to finish. What is the most common method for arranging work visually into a network diagram?    Activity on node    Activity on arrow    Precedence diagramming method    Activity sequencing QUESTION 9  These dependencies are the natural order of activities.    Mandatory dependencies    Discretionary dependencies    External dependencies    Internal dependencies QUESTION 10  What is the most accurate project estimating methods for time and cost?    Published estimating data    Bottom-up estimating    Parametric estimating    Sequencing estimation

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Project Management Questions
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