After last week’s presentation, the board of directors wants to continue consideration of a new webstore for Pine Valley Furniture. The board has asked you to assist them in selecting and initiating which project to do. They are considering a webstore for one of their three target markets:

Corporate furniture
Home office furniture
Student furniture

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The board wants you to help them determine which project to select and get started on the planning process.
Prepare a 10- to 16-slide presentation or write a 3- to 4-page executive summary to help the board choose.
Explain four methods for identifying and selecting IS projects. The four methods include key member of top management, a steering committee, user departments or functional areas, and the development group or senior IS manager. Compare the characteristics of each and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each method.
Identify valuation criteria when classifying and ranking the three projects, and then rank them. The discussion should include value chain analysis, strategic alignment, potential benefits, resource availability, project size/duration, and technical difficulty/risk.
Summarize the project initiation and planning process so the board knows the next steps. The discussion should include the six activities involved in determining the size, scope, and complexity of a project.  
Cite any references according to APA guidelines. For maximum points, include 3 academically acceptable references.

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