Product Featured In Advertisement

The next advertisement that I am going to write about is one that is attempting to sell a product called “The Health Bracelet”, This product is said to help people who are suffering from different health problems, the advertisement contains many small pictures but is swamped with text, but the text featured on the advertisement is all positive feedback from past recipients of the bracelet, each paragraph is a statement from one of the “many” people who have already tried and tested the product.
This advertisement is aimed again at an older generation of people who have medical problems like insomnia and pains that are felt in a persons leg, shoulder, hands etc. There text one the advertisement is very detailed and at some points the advertisers use pseudo scientific wording to confuse readers and make the reader believe that this is a good thing and that the product works in a different way to every other similar products in the market.
The layout that the advertisers have chosen to use when making this advertisement is one that suits their objective of selling a product with proof that the product does actually work, but by using so much text on this page the advertisers do risk the chance that the reader will see the advertisement and be intimidated by the amount of script and therefore not attempt to read what is written in the advertisement and therefore will never know what the “health bracelet” actually does or what it even is.

There are several different illustrations featured on this page, each of the people who have tried the “bracelet” and are happy with its results. There is also a picture of an old couple who are modelling the bracelet, the people pictured are shown to seem to be happy with their lives and by wearing the bracelets seem to be showing that it is helping them to live a pain free life.
The colours that are used on this page are similar to the first advertisement that I wrote about, the page contains the colour red but for this advertisement the colour red Is only used as a background colour instead of meaning danger, the main background colour used is a light shade of violet which is easier on a persons eyes than white would be for this amount of reading.
The advertisement is a full page spread near to the back of the magazine cleverly positioned before the crossword, which is also known to be enjoyed by the elderly. Near to the bottom of the page there is a single paragraph that explains how the bracelet works using scientific language, for example “an electro magnetic force” which is claimed to be supplied to “your blood flow” also written into the paragraph is a part that claims a high success rate and that the bracelet is completely harmless.
This advert is completely made up of text despite there being many pictures on the page meaning that there is a low chance of people who are of a young age reading this advertisement and more than likely will not buy this product at all, the company has obviously realised this and set out to only sell to the elderly and those who feel constant pain. Advertisement 4
The fourth and final advertisement that I am going to write about is an advertisement that has been placed in a newspaper, the advert is one for Specsavers opticians, The advertisements one which is attempting to sell reactions lens’ to the public, this advert contains both pictures and text but unlike any of my previous advertisements it has a voucher/coupon positioned at the bottom, which can be used for a free eye test at any Specsavers opticians. This advertisement also unlike my previous advertisements does not take up a full page.
The advertisement is a simple design with a picture featured above the text so that any readers that view this advertisement are caught by the large picture then can choose whether or not to read on, the people who are most likely not to look twice at this advertisement are the young and also those who do not need to use glasses as a result of perfect sight. I personally did not look at this advertisement more than once because it does not appeal to me because of the reasons I have outlined above.
Layout/Presentation The layout the advertisers have used is one that is seen to drag in a reader and keep the reader interested and possibly purchase the product. The advertisement does not contain much text, more than likely because the company feels that people will become bored and turn over the page completely ignoring what is featured in the advertisement, meaning that less people will be aware of the products for sale at Specsavers opticians and they will inevitably sell less of the product advertised.
The advertisement uses the background colour of the actual newspaper so as to blend in with the newspaper itself, the text is, as I have noticed throughout this coursework project to be normal, is black in colour with the exception of the text imposed onto the picture which is white. The only other part of the advertisement that is a different colour is the logo for the company which is green.
The illustration/picture which has been featured in the advertisement is of what seems to be a barometer which shows how reactions lenses work and how quickly they react to changes in the weather, the picture takes up around 50% of the advertisement (the rest is used for text and a voucher). The picture is positioned closely to the centre of the page and is the largest feature on the page. The advertisement takes up the most space on the page taking up more space alone than the other features on the page.
The use of colour on this advertisement is cleverly the same as the colours that the reactions lenses change from one to the other, whether the advertisers considered this while choosing a colour scheme for the advertisement is unknown to me. The advertisement to me seems to be set on the page to catch the attention of a reader so that they notice the advertisement and consider the product that is featured on it.
What is said in the advertisement is the price that each pair of glasses cost’s, a small bit of text explaining how the lenses react to the different weather conditions and also how it takes the lenses just “30 seconds” to change and protect the users eyes more than normal glasses. At the bottom of the advertisement is a voucher which claims a free eye test for the reader but in smaller text, which is often not read by most people, explains that to claim the offer properly the reader must purchase a “complete pair of glasses”.
So to conclude, this advertisement is an even mix of both text and pictures, the advertisement takes up a smaller amount of space then all other advertisements that I have chosen to write about, I personally do not like this advertisement because it uses a voucher to help to sell products but has small text to in a way trick the reader.

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Product Featured In Advertisement
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