Procurement Control

Describe and compare procurement control and methods of purchase and contract control.
Give examples of at least two purchase and contract control methods in use on a project with which you are familiar, or on one that you identify through research.
Make sure your text includes: 

A clear, researched, paraphrased definition of procurement control;
Techniques for purchase and contract control; and
Two examples of those control methods in use on projects.

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Procurement Control
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Conclude with an example of a project not currently addressing purchase and contract control, but which could benefit from using such controls.


Support your paper with a minimum of two current (no older than five years) scholarly sources from the CSU-Global Library, in addition to the textbook (which you must use as a source) and any course lecture material. You may always exceed the minimum number of sources.
Format your paper according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an external site.).
Your paper should be 3 pages long, not including the required title and references pages and any appendix you wish to include.

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