2-3 pages in APA format and scholarly literature
Problem statement
Reasons including the lack of training why Social workers play less role in identifying victims of human trafficking
Provide 2-3 pages that is the result of a review of research findings and
current practice and that contains the following information:
1. A logical argument for the need to address an identified gap in practice as supported in
the research literature that has relevance to the discipline and area of practice. Keep in
mind that a gap in the research is not, in and of itself, a reason to conduct research. Make
sure, to clarify the problem that caused you to look at that research area in the first place.
2. Provides preliminary evidence (local, regional, national, etc.) that offers justification that
this problem is current, relevant, and significant to the professional practice of social
work. Provide three to five key citations that support the relevance and currency of the
problem. These references need not all be from peer-reviewed journals but should be
from reputable sources, such as national agency databases or scholarly books, and should
be from the past 5 years.
3. Assure that the problem is framed within and primarily focused on the discipline
(Program of study).

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