Problem Solution Essay on Recidivism in Colorado

The attachments include an outline that I’d like the essay to follow, and an annotated bib of websites I’d like used, however feel free to use more

I will also attach an example essay of what it should look like

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Problem Solution Essay on Recidivism in Colorado
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Heres the instructions and rubric of requirements of the essay
In this unit, you will investigate a career-related problem by interviewing authorities in the field and reading library sources dealing with the problem on a broader scale.  Your purpose is to define the problem and recommend solution(s). Your instructor must approve all topics.
For this paper, you should identify a specific audience, such as an agency or organization, community leaders, the school board, social services, etc.   Your audience is the person, group, or agency with the authority and resources to implement your solution. DO NOT choose a general audience, such as everyone in the community, every social worker, etc. Consider who you would most likely hand over your proposal for implementation, the person who will be implementing the solution. Your job will be to offer an analysis of the problem and a practical solution; you will not be involved in the solution’s implementation.
Your paper should be at least ten (10) pages (double-spaced), NOTincluding the cover page, outline, or works cited page.
Documentation must follow the new MLA style. Your paper should include a formal outline, the text, and a works cited page. If a paper is missing any of these requirements, it will not receive a passing grade.
Use MLA format similar to the Career Paper in pagination, margins, font size and style (12 pts. Times New Roman), double-line spacing, and use of headings and subheadings.
Your instructor must assess your ability to document and integrate a variety of source information. Therefore, it is crucial that your essay contains the correct number and types of required sources:
1. You must use a minimum of ten (10) recent sources. Do not use more than 12 sources unless your instructor approves the additional sources.
2. Vary your sources by including–

two interviews for your primary sources,
at least three database sources (magazines, journals, newspapers, etc. from databases accesses from a subscription service such as EBSCOhost),
and at least two Internet website sources.

Additional sources (full length articles) are up to you. You may use sources from your previous paper only if the information is relevant to and necessary towards the analysis of the problem you have identified. Consult your instructor if in doubt. Be sure to assess the validity of your Internet sources, especially when using .com websites.
3. The required two personal interviews satisfy the required use of primary source information. Additional interviews–whether personal, telephone, Skype, or e-mail–may be used to enrich your paper, but they may not substitute any of the required sources.
4. If you decide to use a book, a textbook, or an e-Book, do not use more than one. Consult your instructor for any exceptions.
5. If you plan to conduct a survey, work with your instructor. Your instructor will help you with the questions/prompts, format, and tabulation of the results, as well as explain how to integrate the information into your text and how to present the information in graphs, tables, or charts.
6. DO NOT use encyclopedias or dictionaries as part of the required sources.

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