Prime Mover Essay

Aristotle believed that there had to be one primary cause for the world to make sense. There must be something that triggered off the ‘chain of movement’. The Prime Mover is the ‘Uncaused First Cause’, both the unmoved mover and the final cause. As a result this means that all of earth and existence is in a constant stage of movement and change. , Aristotle is similar in his thinking to just like another philosopher, Heraclitus, who believed everything is in a dramatic state of change and, that this change had to be started by someone he called , the Prime Mover.
The Prime Mover started off a cosmic chain of movement, whilst remaining unmoved, thereby making him an essential cog in the dynamics of the physical world. The Prime Mover has always existed in his eternal state of perfection and excellence to which that everything in the universe is drawn to the Prime Mover like a magnet. Everything is attracted to this perfection, even though the Prime Mover is detached from the physical mortal world of humans. The Prime Mover has no plan or dependency for anyone or any thing. The Prime Mover is possessing actuality in its highest form.
He relies on nothing but himself for existence. And if he was to become reliant on others, he wouldn’t be the Primemover as he wasn’t perfect. Aristotle describes the Prime or ‘Unmoved Mover’ as being separate from sensible things (world of the senses), but causing motion and the things in that world to move; for example, such as the circulatory motionwork of the stars and planets. All such movement is done as a great act of love and desire towards The Prime Mover. Who does so effortlessly. The Prime mover doesn’t have to move, the Prime Mover can’t and won’t move.

The Prime Mover is the reason for the start and the end of these chain of movements, the object of everything; he is the very essence face of excellence that no one can compete with, being the most beautiful and divine thing in the universe. The Prime Mover, unlike the change of matter is immaterial. The Prime Mover is not made from any physical object, and can never change therefore it cannot because this would suggest it could die, yet the Prime Mover can never change. He cannot perform any physical action and manifest himself through acts in purely spiritual and intellectual intention.
Aristotle’s interpretation of God, which pre-dates no connection to the Christian notion of Godbased god, is that which is the best of all things possible that are thought, defined as th the ‘thought of thought’ only knowing himself and nothing of the physical world. The Prime Mmover must be good because there can be no badness in something that must exist in the first instance. Conversely anythat this is that exists necessarily hence being bad is so because is not connected to ‘not being ‘something that ought to be there’.
In Conclusion, The idea of the Prime Mover is still valid today in respect to concept of the Uncaused Cause. In its idea that the reason behind the substances of the universe Yet it seems unlikely that a Prime Mover is something that has the power to move everything in the sensual world, add purpose and meaning to all known would have no physical connection or interaction withto the mankind, existing only as as Aristotle explains, how The Prime Mover is the ‘thought of thought. ’ But how can something consisting of pure thought alone, be capable of move things in the material world?

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