Poor economics

• How does Amartya Sen define property ? In what way is this different from the way that you have typically defined or thought of poverty? 

• Banerjee and Dufflo speak about going hungry when poor, a common phenomenon. So why do people in impover circumstances frequently spend every extra penny on other goods such as a TV rather than on nutrition ?  What else do they spend money on ? Why do you think this is so ? 

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Poor economics
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• How did Banerjee and Dufflo tell pak Solhin’s story ? What sorts of details did they focus on ? Cite one excerpt from pak’s experience that resonated with you and explain why. 

• For what  purpose do you think Banerjee and Dufflo shared this and other individual stories in Poor Economics to the reading public of financial Policy? What effect might it have on readers ? Why do you think so ? Use specific examples from the text to support your points. 

• How has reading about specific individual‘s experiences impacted your thoughts regarding the human cost of poverty and inequality ? 

650 Words.    

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