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Adolescent suicide becomes a serious health concern. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP, 2017), suicide is the second leading cause of death and the majority of suicide attempts are often impulsive as this might be associated with sadness, confusion, anger, and the saddest part, adolescents view suicide as a solution to their problems.

There are several risk factors that contribution to suicide in adolescents. According to AACAP (2017): the major risk factors of teens suicide include: family history of suicide attempts, exposure to violence, aggressive behavior, access to firearms, bullying, feeling of hopelessness, and acute loss or rejection. According to an article, “Teen Suicide is Preventable,” by the American Psychology Association (2017), some possible warning signs of teen suicide might be: talking about dying; recent loss of the loved one; change in personality, behavior, sleep patterns, or eating habits; fear of losing control; low self-esteem; and no hope for future .It is important to parents and family to early recognized warning signs of suicide; so that it could be prevented.

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Please Response With A Positive Post 150 Words
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The primary methods in suicidal prevention would be to increase and awareness about adolescent suicide in the community. National suicide prevention such as school education programs, media guidelines, and limit firearm access are some of the examples (APA, 2017). The secondary prevention method such as suicidal screening could be very beneficial for identifying adolescents who are at risk. The tertiary methods could be appropriate referral and treatment to improve mental health and quality of life of the adolescents.

The community resources to prevent suicide in my community, the Burlington County, is the Legacy Treatment Service, which offer screening center, providing face-to-face crisis service within one hour of notification, and the mobile service is available 24 hours a day (State of New Jersey, 2017). For state resource, the State of New Jersey provides New Jersey Hopeline to provide peer support and specialists in suicidal prevention over the phone; this service also available 24 hours a day (NJ Hopeline, 2013).

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