Pixar – the Innovative & Creative Animation Company

PIXAR – the innovative & creative animation company PIXAR is a world class animation film studio. The Pixar organization culture is influenced the company to be more creative and innovation. This is helping her to achieve remarkable awards in their industry. The great successful for Pixar is the share values, all employees named “Pixarians” who are proud of their job and love their job. They are self-motivated and enjoyed to be work in Pixar. By using seven dimension of organization culture, Pixar culture is achieved at least 3 dimension, they are: “People orientation”, “Innovation and risk taking” and “Team orientation”.
People orientation Pixar management believes that new talent can blossom creativity and innovation thus using appropriated candidate, no matter whom they are and where they come from being a critical success of the organization. Like John Lasseter hired Andrew Stanton who writes script of Toy Story that he can’t. Pixar does not like other assembly studios which employed a group of freelance professionals to work on a single project. They hired a permanent staff takes the full responsibility in their role from project to project.
Pixar provides on job training to encourage lifelong learning cultural, the in house professional development school – “Pixar University” where allowed any levels of employees to miss work for classes. Furthermore, Pixar promotes a slogan “Try, Learn and Try again” for innovation development. It is a company culture that encourages the staff to try something new and think in different. Innovation and risk taking As Pixar is a creative animation factory, their working environment also creative and breakthrough the normal office layout.

They are mixing fun with their work place. We can find basketball court, game centre, gym room and even bathrooms in the main office. From the relaxing fun and play area, all employees can take a break and refresh their mind during office hour also meet different department people would interact creative and sparkling ideas. For individual staff, they can design and create their fun & play working spaces at their own preference. Pixar’s management will not disturb their staff freedom which can build another level of respect and trust. [pic] [pic] Fun & relax area pic] Employee can design their own workplace Team orientation Pixar has no organization chart which aims to erase the corporate control and power that forbidding creativity. Paxarians are freedom to communicate with anyone and contribute own creative ideas regardless the level or title, that removes communicating barriers and builds peer driven cultural within Pixar. They are project base team structure, so staff building a good relationship by project succeeds or process failures. To analyze above culture affects the management within Pixar Planning:
Base on the business nature, Pixar would like to create a relaxing environment to the staff for encouraging creative thinking, therefore the office layout planning being informal and given enough individualized working area for their staff. Pixar understood that the common social area that can be exchange the working information and idea by a no pressure setting so the leisure facilities is planned for their office. Organizing: Pixar is an organic organization structure company. Their culture is forming a team for specific project. This flexible project based structure can fully utilize the staff talent by their specific strengthen.
Also, the project owner can recruit the right person internal for their individual project. On the other hand, staff can meet different kind of team member from the company, it sparkle their mind from the new members. Leading: Pixar is will not hire the freelance designer for the specific project, the form of the team base on the staff talent for full time staff therefore, the leadership style is regarding the staff ability for each project. The chance to show the staff performance is not related on the organization structure but the personal ability.
This leading culture gives the chance to everyone in the company to show their talent in their own professional. Their culture will not kill any creative and potential staff from the rigid company structure. Controlling: Pixar is a people orientated company therefore the on job training – Pixar University being one of the controls for the employee performance and level up the employee professional to be Pixar standard. From the training program, employee can understand more about the company requirement, as the same time Pixar can be evaluated the employee by the Pixar university classroom.
This long time learning culture is covering all level of the employee which is not only for the working needs but also line up the Pixarians mind set to meet their company goals. Conclusion To sum up, as world-class animation company, Pixar did a very well company culture to help the innovative and creative happened. Top management understood that people is the most importance asset for the company so the people orientated management style being the key success for Pixar.
Employees get the strong identity with Pixar culture and being loyal to the company, who called themselves “Paixarian” and so proud of being the member of Pixar. The staff and company are getting the shared values, principles and doing the same way to let company going forward. References: Pixar Official Website: http://www. pixar. com/ Pixar office photo : http://thechive. com/2009/12/22/pixar-offices-are-almost-as-cool-as-thechive-offices-27-photos/ Capodadli, B. & Jackson, L. (2010) Innovate The Pixar Way: Business Lessons From The World’s Most Creative Corporate Playground. New York: McGraw Hill. ———————– 4

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Pixar – the Innovative & Creative Animation Company
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