Pintura Ecuatoriana

SALLY SWANSONG CASE Possibilities – Alternatives for both parts: Sally (1) and Lyric Opera Company(2) 1 2 Sally should not sing in this opera, she could do that in other opportunity| Lyric Opera Company should contract to other young opera singer to the principle role| She could teach to any another young opera singers. | It could contract an opera singer with experience or anyone whose it could not have to pay a lot of money| Looking for the principle role in other musical| Looking for another cheap principal singer with experience. Looking for a job in others places or public activities related to the art world in order to be recognized once again e. g. TV commercials. It could be accessible, because of her experience. | Contracting a very well-known opera singer, not only national, so international one. Announcing that by press conference to reduce extra marketing expenses. | Having the principal role as the opera singer, collecting not a high salary because of the uncertain result of the audience. Offering the main role to a secondary opera singer, emphasizing that it would be a great opportunity to her career. | 1. Two possible alternatives: Sally: (-) Looking for another title role in another place by another company, using their experience and she would be able to relaunch her career in this way. (+) Getting the contract with this company. As a result, having successful and getting recognition. Lyric Opera Company: (-) Hire another opera singer in the title role as cheaply as possible (it is mportant to emphasize that she would have only three weeks to the opening) (+) To win time, it can contract to Sally with a little margin of negative answer of the audience because of her experience, possible conventions and good benefits in terms of money (because it is not a good show, it could pay the minimum to Sally) 2. Lyric Opera Company, Sally and us – Interest LYRIC OPERA COMPANY: * $ (All related to money) Winning more than they expected a percentage of 85%. Saving as much as possible ($). Hiring a principal opera singer at the lowest price possible for avoiding budget problems * They want to designate the primary role of the play at the shortest possible time because the premiere would be in three weeks. * Maintain its prestige * In monetary terms, To be successful is necessary to sell over 85% of the locations * No problems during the premiere with the principal opera singer SALLY: * To be recognized, resurging as the phoenix bird. It could be possible if she had only the principle role, * Relaunching her career. Achieving contract with Lyric Opera company to access better paying to future roles * To succeed, it is necessary that the play could have the necessary promotions and marketing suitable for proper ticket sales (over 80%) * Having the TV Contract to $ 45000 WE: * Having recognition for Sally case, being this our first job. * Achieving a commission in line with sales and the success of the play * Give all the benefices to Sally in this case, to satisfy her necessities and be recommended later, so it is important to achieve the contract with the TV to $ 45,000 or projecting her career in the future * If we manage a ood bargain in the case of Sally, we could achieve reputation 3. WIN TO WIN options What happen if Sally performs the Opera? Result: Both WIN WIN TO WIN| Sally| If Sally does the title role of the opera, she will get the revival and recognition. And she will have more than commissions, which was looking for futures contracts and other activities, immersed in the art world. Lyric Opera Company| Hiring Sally who has experience, thus reducing the time of preparation for the premiere of the soon play; it is more predictable for the company, so it could solve the main problem of “looking for the principal opera singer”| Us (legal representatives)| Being our first case, the success of Sally, will benefice us in terms of recognition. | Additionally: * As marketing program, it could be a good option to make agreements with institutions such as the educational, cultural in order to increase ticket sales for the play and it would be possible to achieve the 80% provided by the company to be considered a success.
As Sally does not charge commission for this agreement, Lyric Opera Cia could be benefited from the sale of tickets, without having invested heavily in promotions. * In terms of money, Opera Company can hire Sally with a fixed value that is 15% or 20% less than market price. So, Sally could have her contract, and Opera Company hires someone before the premiere of the play at a lower cost * If it gets 85% predicted, it will be given to the respective payment to Sally and commissions.
If it is not possible “sales expectations”, it could represent less payment or the minimum to Sally. But the company must comply with the relevant marketing, then If Sally gets the lead role, and she could relaunch her career for futures contracts, she may make donations to Lyric Opera Cia. * Because of her experience, and the success he had in the past, there are people who continue following her so the Company can use his name for marketing campaigns. What happen if other Soprano performs the Opera? Result: WIN TO WIN| Sally| . | Lyric Opera Company| | Us (legal representatives)| |

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Pintura Ecuatoriana
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