Some general notes/tips about Writing Assignment #2:

It is a summary/argumentative paper about which the syllabus says the following: In a 1,200 word essay you will summarize another philosophical position/argument/conclusion we have covered and then offer an assessment of it, i.e. whether you disagree or agree with the position. When you state whether you agree or disagree with a philosophical position, give a set of reasons that supports your own position.
Focus only on 1 article or philosopher we have read so far. Do not attempt to combine discussions of different philosophers or philosophical positions. It is ok if you are inspired by another philosopher, but put your criticism in your own words.
Focus first on summarizing the reasoning and justifications offered by the philosopher for their position/argument/conclusion. Please do not write about Kant, even though we will begin to talk about him this week.
KEEP TO THE ARGUMENTS AND JUSTIFICATIONS PROVIDED IN THE ARTICLE/ESSAY WE READ FOR CLASS. You do not need to cite outside sources. We will be able to tell if you don’t know the material and are parroting what you find when googling.
Do not use extensive quotes. This should be ~95% your own words.
Please please please please read your essay out loud to yourself before you turn it in. You will be shocked by the number of grammatical/typographical errors you will find.
Let me know if you have any questions,

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