Parks, recreation and tourism management

Choose this history feature- PLATO

Read about your historic figure, about his/her historic period and read things written by your historic figure.

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Parks, recreation and tourism management
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Plato Plato was born in Athens, Greece in the year 427 B.C.E. He was raised in an aristocratic household and groomed for a life in public service. As a young man, Plato became a student of Socrates. Socrates’ passionate pursuit of wisdom left an indelible impression on Plato. He abandoned his family’s political ambitions and devoted his life to the study and practice of philosophy. As a young man, Plato traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean world. He studied natural philosophy (science), mathematics, religion, and political philosophy among other subjects. In 387, Plato returned to Athens where he founded the Academy, which is thought to be the original template for the modern university. In addition to philosophy, students at the Academy studied science, art, and religion. The goal of Plato’s Academy was to educate the future leaders of Athens. Plato’s arguments about a number of philosophical and political issues are given in his book, The Republic. In it, Plato describes his vision for a just and harmonious society and the role that leisure ought to play in such a society. His treatment of leisure influenced his pupil, Aristotle, who discussed leisure in more depth.

Step 3: Written synthesis paper                   
Students will synthesize the contributions of their figure. Organize the material from your sources and identify: 1) a snapshot of the time period in which the person lived, and (2) specific examples of what your historic figure did that influenced the PRTM field as we know it today.

Papers should be 2-3 pages (excluding references) in length, 12-point Times New Roman, double spaced, 
References (minimum of 5) should be prepared in APA format.

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