one paragraph and two responds (two sentences each responds )

 One paragraph about this question#    

( Your chapter discusses on page 195 the underclass and explaining poverty.  Discuss your thoughts on poverty after finding one to two reputable articles online about this topic. )

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one paragraph and two responds (two sentences each responds )
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 (At the bottom there is two answers (paragraphs)  of other friends and i need one respond to each and also it can help you do my paragraphs but of course with different ideas)


The answers of my friends #
The articles i read about poverty really left a mark on me. Poverty does not discriminate, it affects everyone, from any race. From reading a few articles on poverty, i found that the realitynof poverty is that it is not just a state of financial crisis. Poverty can be an absence of emotional support or lack of personal security, that is providing your needs from day to day.
I also leant that  and i quote “Poverty is not something we need to just throw money at, poverty should  be looked at on broader lens. Poverty can be dissolved through compassion and care for those around us, but the first step in that mission is stepping outside of our social nucleus to acknowledge the poverty around us”

 ” In real Poverty is not about lack of work but lack of compensation.” ( McMillan, Tracie 2017)
Americans can still be working and living in poverty , It the amount you make and the cost of living in the state that determines if Americans are poor.   Its hard believe during the economic recovery there are still Americans  who are poor. In order to get above the poverty level Americans would have to get a really good job which often requires a degree from a college, but a lot of people can not afford college tuition because it so high even with help from the government. So if you don’t have bachelors there is no way Americans can get above the poverty level in the united States.

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