Objective Assignment

It is time to submit your proposed project objective.  You know that by the last day of class you will have submitted your project — a complete Systems Analysis document based on your own thorough systems analysis of a new capability you have found to be needed in MyCWU.
What I need to know soon is what this new capability will be.
In this project kickoff assignment, upload a memo to me, to explain your own objective for the project.  Define the scope of the CWU information system capability you would like to propose: what all will it do and what it won’t it do.  Is it a completely new feature for MyCWU?  Is it a recombining and completing of existing features?  Explain some of the imperfect aspects of the as-is system that you will propose reworking into your to-be capability.  Remember to choose a scope that’s big enough and interesting enough to let you create a Systems Analysis document using all of the models we have studied this quarter.*  But don’t make it so big that you can’t get it completed with quality.
This project objective memo should be a Word document of at least 200 words.  Drawings are welcome if they explain the new functionality you have found MyCWU users need.
* Here are the models that must be included later, in your course project:  Vision document, Use case diagram, Use case descriptions, Activity diagram(s), Domain class diagram, State machine diagram(s).  Here you can see how these six kinds of model inform each other.

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