Objections and Rebuttals

Objections and Rebuttals Whenever a customer has an objection to the offer or price, the problem is not that offer or the price it is actually that we as advocates have failed to build enough value in the product to justify the price. So in actuality the reason for the objection more often than not is that the customer is telling us that they are not willing to pay $19. 95/$24. 99 at this moment. The best way to combat this is to use an intelligent and informed rebuttal, do this by keeping the conversation going don’t get flustered or aggravated Listen Think & Respond.
Show empathy with the customer let them know you are here to solve their problem, remember we have to make the customers objections seem miniscule and offer a reasonable solution to get the sale. DO NOT LET AN OBJECTION TURN INTO A VERBAL BATTLE BETWEEN YOU AND THE CUSTOMER, YOU WILL LOOSE. How to address an objection: Step 1 – Cushion the objection by saying, “ I totally understand but… ” Step 2 – Question the objection. I know this is a hurdle for some of us but we have to be confident remember these customers called us for a solution.
Use what they revealed in the probing and call them out on it. Step 3 – Build more value tie the benefits directly to the objection. Again remind them why they called Paint a Picture for the customer help them visualize the results. Step 4 – Close. Don’t wait after making a relevant rebuttal that makes purchasing the product today logical ask for the sale. Now lets explore some common objections and rebuttals for those objections. Objection: “I don’t have a credit card! ” Rebuttal: “I totally understand, many people don’t use credit cards. This is when we need to go back to the hot button, remind the customer of their answers to your probing questions. Build value by tying the benefits directly to their reason for calling. This is were we need to make an affirmative statement “If I can guarantee you that for $19. 95/$24. 99 Proactiv would finally get rid of your acne or you get a full refund of the purchase price don’t you agree that that would be a full-proof investment? It’s a win win situation you can’t loose with this offer. If the customer still says they don’t have a card we have to give them every option available such as “Is there someone there that understands what your going through that could let you use their card and you could give them the cash? ” or “Is there someone that you can call to help you out with this I don’t mind holding while we figure this out? ” This particular objection can seem tough at first again DONT GET FRUSTRATED display your dedication in finding a solution for the customer.

Objection: “I’m going to think about it” this particular objection should make our blood boil. What’s to think about after talking to a knowledgeable advocate such as yourself, Right? Rebuttal: “ I totally understand but don’t you agree that the best way to think about this product is to actually use it in your home and get real time results, because that is exactly what this Risk-Free promotion is about” or “I totally understand but let’s be honest with ourselves are you really going to go home and think about having clear skin?
We all know life is hectic and putting this off will only make that clear and healthy skin be further out of your reach we are halfway there its time to take control” remember some of these customers are very indecisive we need to be the deciding factor in the phone call and we do this by displaying confidence in our rebuttals.
Objection: “I need to talk to” this is usually just the customer backing out Rebuttal: “I totally understand but that is why we have the Risk-Free trial so there are no strings attached , if you thought enough of this person(or yourself) to call then I am positive that this is the solution for them/you the results will speak for itself” Objection: “I will call back” this one you have to do additional probing WHY do they need to call back Rebuttal: “May I ask why you would need to call back” it will most likely turn into another objection , at this point we need to build more value and create urgency in ordering today.
Objection: “I thought it was FREE” this is the one we get the most do not get frustrated Rebuttal: Agree with the free “I totally understand the commercial does mention free gifts, and you are going to be receiving some really great free gifts today $35 worth in fact. But we give these free gifts to you when you purchase the Risk-Free trial, we simply want to prove to you how great Proactiv will work for you and what a difference it will make in your life. ”
Objection: “I’m driving and I cannot get to my card at the moment” we need to make this seem very miniscule Rebuttal: “ I totally understand and honestly your calling off our radio add and 80% of our callers are calling in while driving, not a problem happens all the time. I’m willing to wait until you get to a safe spot or stop because I can tell your really interested and we can get that part done and it will take less then a minute” Then go on talking to the customer, if you have not received the address info do this first and take your time.
If you have already took the address info then talk with the customer a little bit waiting 3 to 5 min is totally worth the sale Now not all of these rebuttals will work like magic and some of them you will have to do some improvising to tailor to your particular call. The key is not to give in until every option has been explored. Remember we want the customer to USE Proactiv and if it does not give them the results they are looking for then that is why we have the MBG.
Let the customer know that the reason we have the MBG is because “We are so confident that this product will absolutely work for you that we just want to prove that and give you the clear healthy skin you deserve” Also after an objection the rebuttal should include some other values that have not previously been stated to entice the customer to buy instead of repeating what the customer has already heard. Ex. if the customer was already not aware that Proactiv is #1, its also great skin care system, they will always receive free gifts, mix and match, always have a MBG if that is a concern, able to get a hold of us 2 diff. ays to answer any questions and concerns, customizable accounts, free rush, upsells at $5 each, catalog has 25% discount off retail price, Proactiv’s Micro Crystals are exclusively with us, Proactiv was the first acne treatment with 3 steps “Combination Therapy” etc.. Some of these can be used in the presentation to boost confidence and show great value before going into offer and also using the V/P/V (Value price Value) format. If we can do a great job with the presentation this will cut out some of those objections and make that price seem smaller, making an easy and quick sale.

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