Obesity Essay

Obesity is an eating disorder and a condition where your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 30 or greater. It is genetic or it depends on your eating habits. This can affect your mental, psychological and physical health leaving you with inabilities to cope up with your daily life. The causes that affect people include lack of breath, having difficulties to sleep, increased sweating, snoring, inability to cope with sudden physical activity, feeling very tired and fatigued every day, and finally back pains.
Some symptoms include high blood pressure, high cholesterol problems, heart diseases which lead to heart attacks and fatal strokes which can make you disabled are mainly caused by your inability to exercise . People may have lack of breath because when they breathe, they might not get back enough oxygen for it to go all parts of the body. They might have difficulty to sleep due to lack of breath, snore loudly since they get very tired easily. They get fatigued really easily because they don’t have a lot of energy. They have back pains because they might need to walk a lot.
They might have long term problems like high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attacks and fatal strokes because of their eating habits and their inability to exercise. Obesity can be overcome through a technology called adjustable stomach band which is the safe process replacing stomach stapling as it is very unsafe. Gastric Banding is when they attach a band to your lower part of the torso and they tighten. This works because it triggers your senses not to eat food which makes you thinner and light. After the procedure, which tkes an hor to complete, the doctor can adjust the band so it keeps the size of your new smaller body.

Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical way of overcoming obesity. The put a tiny balloon in your mouth and they make you drink a special liquid called “sterile saline fluid” to expand it. When the balloon is full it will float freely in your body. It takes about six months to complete as it is not as effective as gastric banding. This can also cause many health threat as mentioned above. Another process that can help overcome obesity is gastric stapling surgery. It works by them stapling 2 special staples which creates a small pouch where they put a gastric band according to the size you want your new body to be.
This solves the problem because it help you to resist eating fat foods and tells your body to work out more. After the procedure, they remove the staples but the band still stays for two more weeks to ensure your body size remains the same. It is very unsafe as it has caused many fatalities as they staples came out and they stomach burst. This is also referred to as gastric stomach stapling. I chose gastric sleeve as it is safe compared to other processes used to lose weight and get rid of your weight pretty slowly compared to other procedures like gastric banding and stapling.
It helps you lose the weight faster but is more expensive. It is less complicated rather than stapling your stomach through staples and ensure you out the staples in the correct position and place the band in the correct part and they make it the correct length depending on your weight and BMI. The Gastric Sleeve is used for people who have a BMI of more than 38. It is used to loose weight extra fast as it keeps only 25% of your original body size. The Neel Bagai 8. 4 (T3) procedure takes about a year and a half to complete. It solves the problem by losing 3/4 of your weight.
Positive Impacts of Gastric Sleeve: It is safe to do as it is less complicated as they don’t have to cut anything or place anything You don’t need any special devices like a gastric band while the surgery is going on. Negative Effects of the Gastric Sleeve: This has many side effects like you start vomiting, diarrhea and dumping syndrome by becoming moody and your attitude starts to change. Effects: This affects the economy because it costs about US $10,000 for the surgery but of you need to do gastric banding surgery afterwards, you need to pay an extra $7,000.
You even need to take both medical and life insurance, which is optional. Doctors recommend it as it can have medical effects on you. This affects the world socially as you might have to take some time off work to see doctors biweekly for them to see if any problems have occurred with the gastric sleeve. He will even question you about you going through any side effects. After every two months, with the results, he will decide if the gastric sleeve will need to be removed from your torso.

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